10 Paint Colors to Perk Up Your Room

You’ll be surprised the way you can transform your room by updating the color on your walls.

Try one of these 10 paint colors for a fresh look in your home.

All paints from Sherwin Williams

1. A perfect pale blue – “Upward” #6239

This is the most perfect pale, icy blue color. It looks gorgeous mixed with crisp white and soft tan, it’s really beautiful with the washed weathered wood that is so hot right now. This is a fabulous color for a soothing bedroom.

2. An all time terrific tan – “Universal Khaki” #6150

This is a wonderful tone of tan that works well in family rooms or living rooms. It’s not too dark but it’s a rich tone that works great in a room where you’ll be spending lots of time. It’s also neutral enough to work with all sorts of patterns and colors that you might have on your furniture.

3. A really great gold – “Convivial Yellow” #6393

This is a super color for an entry hall or a kitchen, it’s a soft but beautiful yellow and it’s cheery without being too much color. It also works well in a hallway that’s connecting rooms that are painted different colors, it’s a warm inviting color but because it’s not too bright it can still act as a neutral and it can tie other colors together. It looks great paired with white furniture or black furniture.

4. An aqua color to adore – “Tidewater” #6477

This is an elegant and soft aqua color, sometimes aqua’s can get too bright and look childish but this shade is beautiful and very easy to live with. Use it with white furniture and mirrored accents for a glamorous bedroom look.

5. A ravishing Red – “Red Bay” #6321

This is a stunning, rich red that is bold but actually also soft at the same time. It’s a beautiful color for a dining room, people love to eat in red rooms because red is a very stimulating color. This red wall color looks beautiful paired with pine wood or oak wood.

6. A go-to green – “Grassland” #6163

This is a pretty soft sage green, it’s rich and subtle and not too overpowering. It’s a great choice for most rooms in your home and would look great in your dining room, living room or kitchen. This color looks great with all wood finishes and it also looks fresh and modern when paired with white.

7. A rich, dark chocolate – “Black Bean” #6006

A rich chocolate brown is a wonderful way to add some drama and impact to a room. It’s great to paint one accent wall in a room this color, maybe the wall your bed is on in your bedroom or a wall your sofa or fireplace is on in your living room, and paint the other three walls a soft neutral tan or cream, it will add so much spice to your space.

8. A gorgeous gray – “Essential Gray” #6002

Gray is such a hot hue right now in interior design and this is a soft and elegant gray that would be perfect in a master bedroom or a living room. It really shines when you pair it with white crown molding and trim in a room, it’s a light silvery gray that’s pretty when it’s paired with pale mauve, a rich navy blue or a bright yellow. Gray has become a new neutral and this color is a great way to introduce it into your home.

9. A rich, classic navy blue – “Naval” #6244

This blue is such a gorgeous color and it adds an air of classic elegance in any room. I’ve used it on one wall in a bedroom before and it immediately added a comfortable and cozy feel. It really pops when it’s paired with crisp white as well as rich stained wood finishes.

10. A carmelized cream – “Netsuke”#6134

This is a soft and light creamy caramel that serves as a perfect complement to an accent wall or for under a chair rail in a dining room. It’s warm and inviting and lights up a room.

Libby Langdon is an interior designer and expert commentator on HGTV’s Small Space and Big Style. Find reliable interior design experts in your area using Allconnect.

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