5 Ways to Save Time and Money

Find extra time in your day, and money in your pockets, with these insider secrets.

1. Send a package for less. Shipgooder.com compares prices from major carriers as well as local delivery services. A Wall Street Journal comparison revealed a difference of almost $30 in one instance.

2. Ask your doctor about using one drug to treat two conditions. There are a surprising number of two-for-one pills, according to Cynthia J. Koelker, MD, in 101 Ways to Save Money on Health Care A few examples: a calcium channel blocker for high blood pressure and migraines, spironolactone for swollen ankles and PMS, and muscle relaxers for back pain and sleeplessness.

3. Keep track of product manuals … by not keeping track. You can access most user guides at manufacturers’ websites when you need them, writes J. D. Biersdorfer in the New York Times. You can also find help at manualsonline.com and retrevo.com.

4. Keep your car running. A cell-phone-size diagnostic device called CarMD “taps into your car’s onboard computer system, then lets you upload the results to a website that provides an almost-plain-English description of what’s wrong,” according to Bloomberg Businessweek. The newly revamped tool ($98.99) also estimates repair costs.

5. Knock back a beer for charity! For every bottle of SOS—A Charitable Pilsner that the Louisiana brewery Abita sells, it will donate 75 cents to those affected by the BP oil spill. (Garden & Gun magazine says Abita’s Restoration Ale generated more than $500,000 after Katrina.) The beer—not just some microbrew with micro-distribution—will be sold in 41 states.

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