This Couple’s 68th Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot Is Seriously the Sweetest Thing Ever

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

01-this-couples-68th-wedding-anniversary-photoshoot-courtesy-paigefranklinphotography.comCourtesy paigefranklinphotography.comForget the honeymoon phase. Those who say that love doesn’t last have obviously never met Donald and Ollie King. The smitten couple will be married for 68 years come September, and their beautiful love is everything we need right now.

02-this-couples-68th-wedding-anniversary-photoshoot-courtesy-paigefranklinphotography.comCourtesy paigefranklinphotography.comAs the lovebirds’ 68th wedding anniversary drew near, their granddaughter, Ashley Owen, wanted to make the occasion a memorable one. So she arranged for a special surprise for her grandparents: a photoshoot on their 100-acre farm in Crab Orchard, Kentucky, which they still tend together every day.

“I’m obsessed with them and I think they’re super adorable, even though I’m biased,” Owen told ABC News. “I really did it just for myself because I’m obsessed with them and I thought it would be great.”

03-this-couples-68th-wedding-anniversary-photoshoot-courtesy-paigefranklinphotography.comCourtesy paigefranklinphotography.comWe’re obsessed, too! At first, the Kings were a little camera-shy. But after some convincing, they let loose for the camera—and the results prove that love never ages.

04-this-couples-68th-wedding-anniversary-photoshoot-courtesy-paigefranklinphotography.comCourtesy paigefranklinphotography.comThe photos capture a love that is simultaneously intimate, joyful, passionate, and kind.

05-this-couples-68th-wedding-anniversary-photoshoot-courtesy-paigefranklinphotography.comCourtesy“[Donald] kept telling me how much he loved [Ollie] and how God blessed them with 68 years,” photographer Paige Franklin told ABC News. “He told me in all their 68 years together they’ve never spent one full day or night apart. That was so touching to me. I kept thinking, ‘That is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.’”

Same. And the rest of the world seems to agree! The photos have been shared nearly 6,000 times since Franklin posted them on Facebook.

07-this-couples-68th-wedding-anniversary-photoshoot-courtesy-paigefranklinphotography.comCourtesy“There have been certain times in my career that I sat back after a session and thought WOW, I really really really love my job,” Franklin wrote in the post. “Tonight was definitely one of those nights.”

06-this-couples-68th-wedding-anniversary-photoshoot-courtesy-paigefranklinphotography.comCourtesy paigefranklinphotography.comBut the Kings don’t care for the online flattery or attention; to them, the photos will be keepsakes of their relationship that they will treasure forever.

08-this-couples-68th-wedding-anniversary-photoshoot-courtesy-paigefranklinphotography.comCourtesy“It means the world to me because they mean the world to me,” their granddaughter said.

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