7 Recycling Options for Plastic Lids

There are always ways to reuse plastic!

Stop a sink or tub
If your drain stopper has disappeared, but you need to stop the water in the sink or bathtub, here’s a stopgap solution: Place a plastic lid over the drain. The vacuum created keeps the water from slip-sliding away.

Keep the fridge clean
Drippy bottles and containers with leaks can create a big mess on your refrigerator shelves. Create coasters from plastic lids to keep things clean. Place the lids under food containers to stop any potential leaks. If they get dirty, throw them in the dishwasher, while your fridge shelves stay free of a sticky mess.

Use as coasters for plants
Plastic lids are the perfect water catcher for small houseplants. One under each plant will help keep watermarks off your furniture. Want to ditch plastic altogether? Here’s how other countries are getting rid of it. 

Scrape nonstick pans
We all know that stuff often sticks to so-called nonstick pans. And, of course, using steel wool to get it off is a no-no. Try scraping off the gunk with a plastic lid.

Separate frozen hamburgers
The neighborhood block party is next week, but you have the hamburger meat now. Season the meat as desired and shape it into patties. Place each patty on a plastic lid. Then stack them up, place in a plastic bag, and freeze. When the grill is fired up, you’ll have no trouble separating your pre-formed hamburgers.

Prevent paintbrush drips
Worried about getting messy paint drips all over yourself while you’re touching up a repair job on the ceiling? Try this trick. Cut a slot in the middle of a plastic lid. The kind of plastic lid that comes on coffee cans is the perfect size for most paintbrushes. Insert the handle of your paintbrush through the lid so that the lid is on the narrow part of the handle just above your hand. The lid will catch any paint drips. Even with this shield, always be careful not to put too much paint on your brush when you are painting overhead. This is what recycling will look like in 10 years!

Close a bag
Out of twist ties? Need to get that smelly garbage bag out of the house? Grab a plastic lid, cut a slit in it, gather the top of the bag, and thread it through. The bag’s now completely sealed and ready for disposal.

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