You Could Live Anywhere in the World for Free with Airbnb’s Year-Long Program

Alpine chalet? City canal houseboat? Desert yurt? Applying to Airbnb's Live Anywhere program could see you staying in these places for free.

Around the world in 395 days

Have you always wanted to live in a country where you don’t speak the language? Has your employer suddenly adopted a flexible attitude toward remote work, and you’re wondering if you should leave your expensive city? Do you want to take your family on a round-the-world trip before the nest is empty, or are you simply desperate to travel again after over a year spent in lockdown?

Well, international home rental giant Airbnb has the most amazing opportunity available. The company recently announced the “Live Anywhere on Airbnb” opportunity. For one calendar year, 12 lucky people (plus up to three companions of their choosing) will be able to live in various Airbnb listings the world over for free! Just think: that’s an entire year of beachfront cabanas in Bali, remote lighthouses in Ireland, haunted castles in Bulgaria, inner-city crash pads (with rooftops to watch the sunset) in Barcelona, mountain retreats in Montana, and peaceful lakeside cottages in Iceland. The dream!

How will the “Live Anywhere on Airbnb” program work?

Airbnb will cover the cost of accommodation and Local Experiences, give listing suggestions, and provide a transportation allowance for the length of the program. You’ll enjoy your new global lifestyle while reporting back to the company in order to help them improve the experience of long-term living in Airbnb. In fact, that’s the whole idea behind the program, due to the growing numbers of people ditching a regular mortgage or year-long lease to travel the world (and take their Zoom meetings by the beach).

Airbnb’s most recent Travel & Living Report found that Airbnb stays of 28 days or more increased 10 percent from 2019 to the first quarter of 2021. In 2021, 11 percent of people booking long-term stays were living the lifestyle of a digital nomad, meaning that they were freelancing or working remotely. To better understand this growing segment of their customer base, Airbnb will be looking for your insights on accommodations, resources, and product changes that could make long-term stays more enjoyable.

There is also the opportunity to host your primary residence on Airbnb during your 12-month world-wide whirlwind so that you can earn extra money while you travel.

Who can apply for the program?

This is the best part! The answer to who can apply is ANYONE! That’s right, anyone at all can submit their application at

Airbnb is looking for a diverse group of travelers aged 18 and older who are able to travel for 12 consecutive months, from July 2021 to July 2022. Empty nesters, remote workers, young families—all are welcome and encouraged to apply. Airbnb is looking for as much data as possible on how different groups of people travel, so tell your friends! Each of the 12 participants will be allowed to bring up to three companions to go on this amazing journey with them. That means your dog, partner, sister, high school bestie, dad, or grandma are all invited. If you’ve always dreamed of traveling the world (or even just your own country or continent), now’s your opportunity to do so while contributing valuable insights and experiencing the digital nomad lifestyle.


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