Mark Your Calendars—Aldi Is Releasing Their Own Line of Spiked Seltzers

Summer, are you here yet?

Vista Bay SeltzerCourtesy Aldi

Get ready to crack open some (affordable) bubbly thanks to Aldi!

The international supermarket chain announced today, April 3, that they’re launching a new line of spiked seltzers, Vista Bay. The new drinks will be available in stores May 2, and come in six-packs featuring four flavors: black cherry, lime, ruby grapefruit, and coconut mango.

The best part? It only costs $5.89! That’s right—you and your friends can be living it up on the beach this summer with a six-pack of refreshing sips for less than $1 a can. Maybe that’s why Aldi brands are so great!

This comes right off the heels of the news that Aldi is now selling ready-to-pour pineapple mimosas for $8.99, as well as bringing back the pre-made brunch beverage in classic orange. These ready-to-pour drinks are back in stores this week.

Vista Bay Seltzer IICourtesy Aldi

And Aldi isn’t the only one hopping on the spiked seltzer trend: Corona announced earlier last month they were starting their own spiked seltzer line called Corona Refresca. So this Aldi news makes it official: Spiked seltzers are definitely having a moment. In fact, Nielsen found that hard seltzer sales spiked 166 percent in 2018. Not only that, the marketing firm found hard seltzers represent 10 percent of all flavored malt beverage sales. That’s a lot of spiked seltzer!

So don’t wait to hop on this trend.  Head to Aldi next month to pick up American’s new favorite malt, as well as these essentials you should always buy at Aldi. Cheers!

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