Here’s Amazon’s Secret Money-Saving Sections

Calling all penny-pinchers and eco-minded shoppers! These secret money-saving sections are the best way to buy for less on Amazon.

A store for one-stop savings

You probably know Amazon as your subscription-filling, sale-shopping, has-everything shopping mecca. Maybe you obsessively read through reviews before you buy a new product through your Amazon Prime membership. Maybe you live for Amazon Prime Day and wait to shop until the sales are on. But did you know that Amazon has several secret money-saving sections?

Sure, holiday sales come around every few months, but things sell out, or sometimes that big purchase you’ve had your eye on isn’t included in the sale. What’s a bargain-hunter to do? Well, the first step is to check the six secret sections of Amazon to see if your splurge can’t become a saving. Even the Amazon products with nearly-perfect reviews can be had for less. Be sure to scour these sections regularly for the best deals!

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Today’s Deals

The Today’s Deals section of Amazon is updated daily with new deals, as well as a deal of the day and limited-time sales and offers. Serial bargain shoppers can also sign up for a daily deals email. You can even look ahead to see when new deals on certain products will be released and sign up to “watch this deal,” which will notify you once the deal on the product you’re interested in has dropped. These deals are available in every single department, from fashion to electronics, beauty, toys, kitchen, and books. Shoppers can filter their search to find the deepest discounts, with categories from 10 percent to 70 percent off. Start making your deals list with these pet products (that have near-perfect reviews).

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Amazon Warehouse is the thrift store section of Amazon, and just like any thrift store, there are crazy good finds to be had—if you have the patience and fortitude to seek them out! The Warehouse section has millions of used, pre-owned, and open box items (such as working floor models or returned goods). These are in such categories as used computers and tablets, Amazon devices, digital cameras, unlocked cellphones, TVs, and home and kitchen devices and furniture, and even baby products and outdoor recreation. Considering how many people upgrade to the newest device as soon as it comes out (despite the fact that their previous model still works perfectly well) there are some great deals to be had here for people who don’t care about having the very latest gadgets. Discounts vary, but you can usually count on paying at least 10 percent less. Plus, as well as saving money, you can sleep better at night knowing that you helped keep an item out of a landfill.

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Cheap Reads for Kindle

The Cheap Reads section has both free books and extremely low-priced reading options. Even if you don’t have a Kindle device, the Kindle reading app is free to download, so you can get your fill of low-cost literature. Many classics are available for free, and some are even available in different languages, such as Spanish and Russian. Books are available in every genre, from romance to finance. Amazon does note, however, that free books can sometimes vary in formatting, and may not support all Kindle reading features. As with everything, it’s best to check reviews before purchasing—even if the purchase is free! Find out more places you can read books for free online.

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You may have come across this feature during your regular Amazon shopping—now and again the product you’re interested in might offer a coupon box that you just click to add for a small discount. But did you know there is an entire Coupons section of Amazon? It’s a page where every coupon currently offered on any product can be found. The coupons are offered in either a percentage off the total price or an offered savings of a specific dollar amount, such as $3. Coupons are available in practically every product category but are especially prevalent in grocery, beauty, and health products. Speaking of beauty, we tried the best-reviewed mascara on Amazon: find out why we’d buy it again.

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Just like your favorite outlet mall, the Outlet section of Amazon is the magical place where you can find discounts on thousands of overstock items. It’s divided into categories, so you can shop for anything you can think of. There are also “Under $10,” “Best Sellers,” and “Overstock Deals” pages, as well as discounted Amazon Basics. It’s a bargain hunter’s dream, especially for big gifting holidays or your new apartment. Every single category of Amazon products is represented here, so whether you’re a dog mom, a plant parent, or need some new patio furniture or cleaning products, you can find exactly what you need—for less!

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Amazon Renewed

Much like the Warehouse section, the Amazon Renewed section contains pre-owned products. However, this section focuses solely on electronics and machinery of all kinds, from lawnmowers and blenders to smartwatches and tablets. All Amazon Renewed products come with the Amazon Renewed Guarantee, which includes Amazon’s great 90-day return policy (and some products even have a lifetime warranty). The electronics have been inspected and tested by qualified suppliers to work as new, and there are even specific Amazon Renewed Deals and Coupons to save even more. E-waste is one of the biggest problems facing our planet right now, so purchasing your electronics pre-owned is a great move to help save the Earth (at the same time as saving your bank balance). Next, learn the items you should always buy on Amazon.

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