How to Get the Most Out of Your Amazon Wardrobe

Do you love shopping online but hate not being able to try on clothes before you buy them? Then you need Amazon Wardrobe in your life.

We’ve all been there: You go on an online shopping spree and find the most amazing options—only to be let down when the package finally arrives. Your purchases don’t fit well or simply don’t suit you, and now you need to go through the hassle of a return, sometimes even paying extra shipping to get the item back to the manufacturer. Not to mention that you’ve already made a huge dent in your credit card and have to wait for the charges to be reversed, which could take a while. If only you could have tried on the clothes and decided what you wanted before getting charged. Well, now you can. The geniuses at Amazon have solved this common conundrum with a “try before you buy” service called Prime Wardrobe. Here’s everything you need to know to get exactly what you want delivered right to your door.

What is Amazon Prime Wardrobe?

Amazon Prime Wardrobe is a free, two-day delivery service that allows you to try on clothing at home without being charged for the items. It’s similar to companies like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club, but it’s available exclusively to Amazon Prime members. Once you get your package, you’ll have seven days to try on the items, and you’ll only be charged for what you decide to keep. Prime members already enjoy free delivery and exclusive access to certain items, but Amazon Wardrobe offers a whole new benefit to members here. “It’s a worry-free way to purchase apparel on Amazon,” says Aaron Mizrahi from Channel Bakers, the first Amazon-focused ad agency. “[It’s] Amazon’s attempt to simulate the ease and convenience of the fitting room.” If you think Prime Wardrobe is genius, check out these other Amazon products we bet you can’t live without.

How does the service work?

After you’ve made sure your Prime membership is active, choose the filter “Prime Wardrobe” to the left of the search bar on, or head to the Prime Wardrobe section in the fashion department. Next, go shopping! You can pick between three and eight items that you would like shipped to you. Within the next seven days, you need to check out and let Amazon know what you want to keep. You’ll only be charged for those items that will now happily live in your closet. To make a return, use the pre-labeled box sent by Amazon Wardrobe and return it to any UPS location.

What items can I try on with Amazon Wardrobe?

Not only can you try on men’s and women’s items, but you can also check out girls’, boys’, and baby clothing. And it doesn’t stop there: You can also browse and bring home certain shoes and jewelry. You just need to make sure that the Prime Wardrobe option is available when adding to your cart.

How much does it cost?

Nada. Zip. Zilch. Amazon Wardrobe will cost you nothing unless you decide to keep an item. The company will, however, temporarily charge your credit card $1 to make sure it’s valid. That single dollar will be refunded to you shortly after your method of payment is verified. Furthermore, you can find potential savings in not ordering and paying for products you will ultimately never use. To save even more, check out these 15 little-known Amazon hacks every online shopper needs to know.

Is this the best way to purchase clothes online?

Julie Ramhold, a consumer expert with, says the answer really depends on what you’re shopping for. “Not all clothing on Amazon is Prime Wardrobe eligible,” she says. “So if you’re looking for a very specific item, you might be out of luck.” However, if you’re more open to Amazon’s possibilities and you’re also a commitment-phobe, it’s a smart option. “It’s a great way to try out designer items without having to shell out the cash first,” she explains. “Since you aren’t charged until you keep something, you can try on top-tier items without a commitment to buy.” Don’t miss these other fashion secrets personal stylists never reveal for free.

What are the dos and don’ts of the try-on period?

First, when Amazon says “try on,” they mean business. Don’t attempt to wear the item out or remove labels and expect to not get charged. And before you pack your returns nicely into the box, you must visit “Your Orders” to complete the check-out process. It’s important to do this so you don’t get charged for the items you don’t want to keep. It will be more of a hassle to correct the error later, so make sure that the information is accurate. It’s also imperative that your drop-off at UPS is postmarked before the end of the seven business days. The countdown begins on the day your Prime Wardrobe order is delivered.

How is Amazon Wardrobe different than other try-on services?

Personalized shopping is nothing new, but some services like Trunk Club charge a premium for it. With Amazon Wardrobe, you won’t have to pay a thing unless you keep items in your order. Another feather in Amazon Wardrobe’s cap: It also offers “try before you buy” benefits for babies. Baby clothing is notoriously hard to size, and being able to return without being charged lifts a heavy burden for new parents.

Can I have multiple Amazon Wardrobe boxes at the same time?

Sad news, folks: You can only have one Prime Wardrobe order sent to you at a time. The only exception to this golden rule is if you’ve decided to purchase all the items in your current order or Amazon has received the items you decided to return. If you think that dealing with returns is stressful, make sure to shop at these stores with the absolute best return policies.

Are there any drawbacks?

The biggest issue is that not everything on your shopping wish list will be eligible for Amazon Prime Wardrobe. “This doesn’t just extend to different clothing items,” Ramhold says. “Sometimes one item will only have Prime Wardrobe–eligible colors, styles, or even sizes, which means if you want something outside of that, your only option is to buy it outright.” Plus, she adds, more Amazon brands are offered than outside ones. That said, you can definitely find great brands like Hanes, J. Crew Mercantile, Calvin Klein, and Lucky on the service.

The last negative in Ramhold’s eyes? You need to have at least three items in your Amazon Wardrobe order for it to ship. “If you’re only looking at one or two things, you’ll need to find something else to pad the order, even if you aren’t interested in buying it,” she says. But you never know—you may end up loving that thing you didn’t think you wanted in the first place. Still, to increase the odds that you’ll love all of your potential purchases, you need to stop making this common online-shopping mistake.

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