This Is America’s Favorite Grocery Store for the Third Year in a Row

Hint: It’s not Trader Joe’s.

Richmond, VA/USA May 2 2018: Wegmans Grocery Store. Wegmans is a regional supermarket chain headquartered in Rochester, NY.tarheel1776/ShutterstockPeople can’t seem to resist Trader Joe’s for its low prices and “Two-Buck Chuck” wine deals, which is why it may come as quite a shock to hear that Wegmans, a small East Coast grocery chain with only 96 locations, has been officially dubbed America’s favorite grocery store for the third consecutive year. But it only won by just a hair, according to the annual grocery store survey conducted by MarketForce, a customer experience management company based in Colorado.

“Wegmans, founded in 1916, is known for its fresh produce, reasonable prices and massive stores,” Market Force told Supermarket News. “The New York-based chain is expanding steadily and, with a focus on employee training to ensure a great customer experience, it’s created a legion of super-fans eager for a new location to open near their home.”

Scores were tallied based on customer satisfaction ratings with their most recent grocery shopping experience and likelihood to refer that chain to others, also known as the Composite Loyalty Index. Wegmans scored 77 percent while Publix and Trader Joe’s rode in on the store’s coattails with a score of 76 and 75 percent respectively.

Wegmans broke Trader Joe’s winning streak for the first time back in 2016 when it rose to the top of the leaderboard as the nation’s favorite grocery store. According to the recent survey, Wegmans ranked as number one for its specialty department service and tied in the number one slot with Publix for store cleanliness and item availability.

If you haven’t done so already, it might be time you perused through a Wegmans to check out all the shopping perks only loyal Wegmans customers know about.

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Ashley Lewis
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