Over 48,000 Amazon Shoppers Say This Pet Odor Eliminator Is “Magic” At Removing Stubborn Smells

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This citrusy solution gets rid of all sorts of stinky situations.

If you’ve got pets of any kind at home, this Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator is the viral cleaning sensation you’re going to wish you knew about sooner. It handles pet odor removal so well that it has quickly become an Amazon bestseller with over 70,000 ratings and a devoted customer base that calls it “magic” for getting pet urine out of carpets.

What is Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator?

This ready-to-use pet odor eliminator comes in a brightly-hued spray bottle that’s easy to spot in your cleaning supplies cabinet. It boasts a full 24 ounces of cleaning solution that works on so much more than just carpet. The product’s clever use of concentrated orange oils actually helps clean, disinfect, and deodorize flooring of all types, including tile and wood.

It also goes to work on pet urine-related discoloration and is even one of the best products for removing pet stains on furniture. Pet owners say they use bottles of Angry Orange pet odor eliminator spray on everything from litter boxes to kennels, chicken coops to cat carriers, and even car upholstery that is used to having a pet passenger or two.

How to use Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator

A little goes a long way with this invigorating citrus scent. A quick spritz or two breathes new life into stinky kennels, and lightly spraying it onto an affected carpet and then blotting the area until dry is usually enough to remove both the stain and the stink. Some people report repeating the process, but note that one or two sprays on hard-surface floors like wood and tile are more than enough to remove pet messes. The enzyme-based formula breaks down messes and odors almost instantly without damaging fabrics or floors, and doesn’t rely on heavily irritating synthetic chemicals to get the job done.

The best part? This cleaning solution comes pre-mixed, so you can spray it directly onto cat pee, dog waste, or other icky pet messes without having to pre-treat. Reviewers also note that treating set-in pet stains with Angry Orange and then allowing it to soak in before running a carpet cleaning machine over the affected areas gives the look and feel of “brand-new carpet.” It’s one of the best dog and cat cleaning tips from real Angry Orange pet odor eliminator customers, and one that delivers exciting results.

Why is Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator trending?

Shoppers are enthusiastic about Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator‘s mostly natural formula. Most customers report that it’s pleasantly scented and easy to work with. The brand’s essential oil and enzymatic formula sets it apart from typical mass-market cleaning products, and with tens of thousands of positive Amazon reviews, Angry Orange is gaining popularity quicker than a dog runs when you say “treat!”

The best Amazon user reviews

“A product that reliably eliminates cat urine is basically magic,” writes verified Amazon purchaser Lacy. “Cat urine used to be a death sentence to any item. Now I won’t use anything other than Angry Orange. My cat chooses a rug to pee on a few times a year, and this product saves the rug every time. I’ve also successfully used it on bathroom tile and grout.” Lacy continues, “The product itself smells very strongly, though pleasantly, and fades over a few days. It doesn’t just cover up the urine smell, though, it really does get rid of it.”

Megan W., another verified Amazon purchaser, writes of the medical reason her dog smelled bad and left awful odors behind: “My 100-pound Northern Inuit got a stomach bug a few days before Thanksgiving and woke me up at three in the morning to the sound of liquid hell breaking loose on my bedroom carpet. I have a 20-year-old carpet. I have bedroom windows that won’t open. I thought I was going to suffocate because of the smell. My existing cleaner did the best it could, but the weird licorice smell combined with—well, you know—didn’t improve matters much. So I ordered Angry Orange and I swear on my dog and two cats, you can’t even tell the accident was ever there. I can’t believe it got rid of the lingering sour smell even without proper ventilation. Now my dog is better and I can sleep in my own bedroom again. Life saver.”

Where to buy Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator

The best place to buy Angry Orange pet odor eliminator is Amazon, where a 24-ounce bottle sells for $29.99. The brand also offers a bundle with a UV light for just a couple extra bucks that serves as a pet urine detector so you can check to see if your pet stains were really eliminated. But really, if you save even one rug with a bottle of Angry Orange, it’s paid for itself.

Angry Orange Odor Eliminator Via Amazon.com

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