9 Hilarious April Fools’ Text Pranks to Play on Your Friends

You don't have to see someone in person to pull a great April Fool's Day prank.

Who couldn’t use a good laugh right about now? April 1 is a much-needed reprieve from the long and gloomy winter, giving us license to play April Fools’ pranks on our parents and silly practical jokes on our unsuspecting kids. However, it’s not always possible to prank people in person. What’s the next best thing? April Fools’ text pranks!

There are just a few things to keep in mind before doing these April Fools’ pranks. Some people will get a kick out of being fooled and laugh right along with you, but some may be put off. Choose your target wisely—or tell them these April Fools’ Day jokes instead. And because you don’t know what your recipient’s reaction will be, let these pranks serve as inspiration; be ready to improvise and go with the flow.

Who is this?!

Wait for someone to text you. When you get a text from someone who is a good candidate for a joke, pretend you don’t know them. For inspiration, we’re pretending the person texted you to go for a walk, but you can play along with whatever subject matter comes up. Continue with the ruse and try to convince them that you don’t know them. Before it gets too heated, text them “April Fools!”

Them: Hey, whatcha doin?

You: Not much. Who is this?

Them: What do you mean, who’s this? It’s me, Chloe! Wanna grab some coffee and go for a walk?

You: Chloe who? I don’t know anyone named Chloe.

Them: Stop messing with me! Do you want to grab a coffee or not?

You: Sorry, I’m not getting coffee with a complete stranger!

Keep them guessing

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Text a friend that you have something to tell them. Wait for them to respond, and then send a GIF of the texting dots—the familiar symbol that lets us know the person is texting their response. (Google “texting dots” and download the GIF) They’ll keep looking at the phone, anxiously waiting for what you’re about to confess. Once they take a closer look, they’ll realize it’s actually a gif of the texting dots. While you’re waiting to reveal you’re joking, check out these ridiculously funny April Fools’ day memes.

You: I know this is long overdue, but I really have to get this off my chest.

Them: Huh? What are you talking about?

You: Ugh. This is so hard. I don’t know where to begin.

Them: You’re freaking me out a little.

You: (texting dots)

Them: (frustrated you’re not responding) C’mon. What is it? Can you just call me?

You: …

There’s something under the fridge!

Here’s the gist: you’re home alone and there’s a “mouse” under the fridge. You text a member of the house, frightened. This April Fools text prank requires the “tail” of a rodent. It could be a toy rodent, a piece of frayed shoestring, or something similar as you won’t be taking a close-up of the “tail.” Position the “tail” under a cabinet, leaving a portion exposed. Text a member of your house a picture of the tail and let the fun unravel. This is a top April Fools’ prank for your boyfriend.

You: There’s something under the cabinet in the kitchen! What do I do?

Them: What is it?

You: I don’t know!

Them: Is it alive? Is it moving?

You: I can’t tell. I’m NOT going near it!!!

Them: Get a broom and touch it to see if it moves.

You: No way! I’m not getting off this chair!

Them: I’ll try to get home as soon as I can.

You: Text a selfie holding the “tail.” HA! Got ya!

Breaking news!

It’s the classic meme from 2008 that still has prankster power. Text your friends that something unbelievably crazy is happening in your town and include this “Breaking News” link for them to click.

Once they click the link, they’ll see a 2008 video of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” instead of watching a breaking news story and realize they just got Rickrolled!

You: Holy crap! You won’t believe the crazy stuff happening downtown right now! (insert link)

Them: LOL! I can’t believe I fell for this! I just got Rickrolled!

Karma Karma Chameleons Daily

April Fools' Text Pranks 2021PIKSEL/Getty Images

An unsuspecting friend gets a text that they have subscribed to something outrageously ridiculous. To pull this off, you need to change your contact information to match the subscription service. For this example, let’s say the subscription service is Karma Karma Chameleons Daily. Don’t forget to change your contact photo to a chameleon for authenticity. And be sure to download one chameleon picture from Google to include in the final text.

You: Hey! Welcome to Karma Karma Chameleons Daily! We’re psyched you signed up to receive daily pics from the most unique and colorful chameleons of the world!

Them: I didn’t sign up for this

You: These cute and irresistible chameleons won’t come and go—they’ll keep arriving daily!

Them: I don’t want these. Please stop texting.

You: Thank you for confirming your subscription to Karma Karma Chameleons Daily. Starting today, you’ll get pics of chameleons in their natural habitat doing what chameleons do!

Them: How do I cancel this? I did NOT subscribe!

You: We can’t thank you enough for subscribing. Here’s your first picture of a four-horned chameleon eating a live yummy mealworm!

I adore you

This prank is for your partner or spouse. For this prank choose a love song with the lyrics nearby (unless you have them memorized) for the text exchange. For this example, we’re using the lyrics from the song, Adore You by Harry Styles. This works best if you can work it into an existing conversation. Of course, their reaction may be slightly different than ours. Just keep texting the lyrics. If they don’t catch on, let them off the hook and say, “April Fools!”

You: You don’t have to say you love me.

Them: But I do love you.

You: You don’t have to say nothing.

Them: OK.

You: You don’t have to say you’re mine, honey.

Them: OK I guess. Where is this going?

You: I’d walk through fire for you. Just let me adore you.

You had one job!

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We’ve all been there—made an unintentional mistake at work and botched things up royally. Text a co-worker you’re chummy with for this April Fools’ text prank. Keep them on the edge of their seat guessing, building upon the “mistake” without actually telling them what you did.

You: I’m so fired.

Them: Oh no! What happened?

You: I had one job. ONE job, and I totally blew it.

Them: lol ONE job! Wait. For real? What did you do?

You: A little voice inside me kept telling me it wasn’t right, but I did it anyway and now I’m toast.

You: What am I going to do? Should I tell the boss?

Them: Tell me what you did first!

You: Maybe I can cover my tracks. Ughh agony!

Them: Out with it. What the heck did you do???

You: I ate the boss’s yogurt from the fridge by accident. April Fools!

Delete the pic

Chose a person who has a million friends and doesn’t go a day without posting at least one picture on social media. Next, change your contact information and delete your photo (if it appears with your contact info). Since the person has so many friends, they probably won’t be fazed by someone they might not even know that well is texting them. Text the person and ask them to delete a post that has a photo with you in it, but be vague about the details.

You: Hey! Sorry to be a buzzkill but can you delete that photo of me from the group shot?

Them:??? What photo?

You: You know, the one where we met up with everyone

Them: Um…OK. But I’m not sure who you are???

You: I was the only one wearing blue! Plus I was taking a sip of my beer when someone snapped the pic. It just looks bad. Can you delete… like now plz?!

Them: I guess…maybe? I don’t even know who you are!

Broken screen wallpaper

You have to get your hands on the other person’s phone to pull this April Fools Day prank. Once you have their phone, change their wallpaper to a picture of a cracked phone screen. Google search for an image. Make the photo even more realistic by fine-tuning the search for a cracked screen Android or iPhone and the phone carrier. If you want to see the person’s reaction when they see the cracked screen, text them when you are nearby. Your friend will be stumped and wonder how their phone got cracked, but they’ll realize it is fake soon enough.

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