Review: This $25 Foot Peel Is Better Than a Pedicure

Baby Foot Peel has more than 32,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. But does the viral Japanese foot treatment really work? We tried it to find out.

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Viral beauty products are everywhere. What I want to know is do they actually work? One of the viral must-have products I’ve heard about a lot is the Baby Foot Peel Mask. With over 32,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, this product can’t be all smoke and mirrors, right?

To get the answers, I let my feet put it to the test before giving myself an at-home pedicure. What I didn’t know before using the peel was that it could be up to a 14-day process, meaning I wasn’t going to have instantly smoother feet after wearing the plastic booties filled with an exfoliating mixture for an hour. It’s a surprise for many people who review the product too. Keep reading for a play-by-play (with pictures) of how my feet fared with the viral foot peel.

What is the Baby Foot Peel Mask?

Baby Foot PeelCourtesy Bianca Lambert

The original Baby Foot Peel Mask formulation was created in Tokyo in the 1990s as an easy and effective at-home treatment to relieve various non-medical foot problems including dryness, cracked heels and accumulated dead skin. The product hit the mainstream American market around 2015 when users’ before and after photos went viral on social media. The foot skin peeling process is both slightly shocking and completely painless.

According to the packaging, the product contains natural extracts and acids to “exfoliate and moisturize at the same time.” The active ingredients include lactic acid, salicylic acid, alcohol and glycolic acid. These are keratolytic, so they get into the top layer of your skin and break up the connections in the dead skin cells. Anywhere from two to five days later, the dead skin peels off.

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How we tested it

Baby Foot PeelCourtesy Bianca Lambert

I tested the peel while I worked at my computer. The peel has everything you need, including tape to secure the 3D plastic booties around the feet. The directions say for best results, soak the feet before sliding on the booties. I soaked my feet for 15 minutes, dried them and put on the booties. The booties are plastic, but they feel like a net with the goopy, exfoliating liquid nestled inside. It’s a strange sensation, but anything for smoother feet, right?

The instructions also say to place a pair of cotton socks over the booties to keep feet from slipping with the plastic and limit walking around. I recommend putting these booties on when you know you’re going to sit down for at least an hour. Walking around was a little tricky because my feet still felt slick even with the support from the socks. After an hour, I rinsed my feet and did not lotion them as the instructions recommended.

You don’t have to skip lotion for just one day. The company recommends skipping lotion until you complete the peeling process in its entirety. So, does that mean having ashy feet for up to two weeks? Yup. If you want the best results. My brown skin and ash just aren’t cute, so I made sure to wear sneakers for the 12 days it took for my peeling process to wrap.


  • The price is fair
  • The peel really does work
  • The foot peel comes with everything you need
  • The exfoliating gel didn’t irritate my sensitive skin or my feet
  • It works better than the scrub I get during a pedicure


  • It takes up to 14 days to complete the peeling process
  • Once the peeling starts, the dead skin gets everywhere (wear socks to catch the skin)


Baby Foot PeelCourtesy Bianca Lambert

How long does it take for the Baby Foot Peel to peel?

For me, it took about four days for the peeling to start and a full 12 days for the process to finish.

Does the Baby Foot peel remove calluses?

The product’s website does not say the peel removes calluses, and many reviewers say their calluses remained, while some say they peeled off with repeat use of the peel.

Should I moisturize my feet after a fool peel?

Nope! The instructions say not to moisturize feet unless they become too dry. In that case, they recommend an oil-free moisturizer. Baby Foot also recommends not picking at or removing the dead skin as it sheds.

What other reviewers have to say

Verified reviewer Sheri B. says, “I’m 70 years old and have had calluses my whole life, it seems. Finally, I have smooth and soft heels and feet bottoms, and now moisturizers work. Yes, repeat use is required, but this reduces my pedicure costs too.”

“This is perfect if you can’t afford a pedicure or want to stretch out the time between pedicures,” notes verified five-star reviewer Alie Tucker. “If you use this product as directed, you will end up with perfectly smooth feet. I have purchased this product for myself and have recommended it to other women who struggle with cracked heels. It’s so satisfying watching my feet peel after about a week of using the product.”

Verified reviewer Melissa Cooke has turned this into a bi-annual routine. “I’ve been using this twice a year for a few years now. My heels get very thick, dried skin and this takes it all off. Works best if you soak your feet for about 30 minutes in very warm water first. It takes about a week for the skin to begin peeling off, but once it does, there’s a lot. Use this about two weeks before you want super soft feet.”

Final verdict

I enjoyed using the foot peel, even though it took almost two weeks for all of the dead skin to peel. If you’re adding this foot peel to your routine before an event or vacation, I recommend using this treatment a full three weeks out so you’re not dealing with peeling skin you can’t moisturize. As for the price, it’s perfect, considering it costs, on average, $20-25 a pedicure to get an additional foot scrub that doesn’t peel the dead skin away the way this product does. I’ll certainly use this again.

Where to buy the Baby Foot Peel Mask

Baby Foot Peelvia merchant

Snag the Baby Foot Peel Mask exfoliation foot peel at Amazon, Ulta and Target for $25. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to have the softest feet you’ve ever walked on.

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