50 Best Cat Names for Your New Kitten

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. Check out these unique cat names that are just perfect for your new fur baby.

Congrats on the new fur bundle of joy! Now that you’ve got a new kitten, it’s time to name the little cutie. What are some cool cat names for cute kittens? You’ll want to find the perfect name to fit your kitty’s personality. Something that captures her sweetness—or mischievous streak. Your cat’s name is like a term of endearment and you’ll be saying it a lot, so you want to pick a name that you absolutely love. Choose a top name in cat-egories including movie star names, literary names, the cutest names, names based on colors, and more of the most popular lists for cat names for new kittens.

Top cat names (female)

Popular cat names for female kitties draw on associations that are both strong and pretty. Choose a perfectly feminine name that captures your new cat’s disposition. Give her a name to grow into. These great cat names are lovely and are sure to capture your kitty’s singular essence, whether she’s social or shy. Here are the 8 cat breeds with the friendliest personalities.






Top cat names (male)

Choose a name for your boy cat that fits his character. Does your new little kitten seem spirited, but with a dollop of adorable? Give him a name that’s fierce, but friendly. These boy cat names are filled with personality and may just fit your little fur pal perfectly. Remember that new kittens crave security and warmth—check out these reasons your new kitten loves boxes.






Popular cat names from science fiction and fantasy

Orange Kitten Yawning Casey Elise Christopher/Shutterstock

You have to admit there’s something a little bit otherworldly about cats. Some cats seem magical and wizard-like. If you have one of these extra wise kittens, consider a fantastical name. Draw on your favorite sci-fi or fantasy book, movie or TV show to find a great cat name that fits.

Professor McGonagall





Great cat names based on famous movie characters

Does your new kitten need a name chock-full of charisma? Turn to pop culture and choose a movie character that fits with your little fur baby’s star power. If you have a kitten meant for close-ups and pictures that you’ll share, give him a cat name with star power. Don’t miss these darling pictures of cats dressed up in adorable costumes.

Indiana Jones

Rhett Butler

Diana Prince


James Bond

Perfect cat names from your favorite books

Iconic characters make for some of the most popular cat names. You give your kitten instant stature when you name her for an icon who’s magnetic and larger than life. Look to your favorite novel to find a great character who reminds you a little of your new kitten. Here are 17 things your cat wishes you knew.

Sherlock Holmes

Jane Eyre

Hermione Granger

Katniss Everdeen

Oliver Twist

Brown and white tabby kitten sitting in a cat bed and looks scaredSvetlana Popov/Shutterstock

Popular cat names that go for cuteness overload

Kittens are pure happiness—they’re totally adorable! Just looking at them puts you in a good mood. If your new cat is a cutie patootie, you might want to choose a great cat name that plays up his epic cuteness. Check out these heart-stirring pictures of the cutest cat breeds at kittens.



June Bug



Perfect literary cat names

There’s nothing like a kitten curled on your lap while you’re reading your favorite book. Cats seem like they were born to lounge in libraries and take naps before a crackling fire. Choose an iconic author name and play around with first and last name combos, or just a last name will do. There’s a reason so many authors love cats. Their relaxed feline vibe inspires confidence. Here are 16 pictures of sleeping cats that are sure to make you smile.

Virginia Woolf

William or Wilhelmina Shakespeare

Agatha Christie



Best cat names that capture your kitten’s color of fur

The black cat with yellow eyes lies on a sofa.Elya Vatel/Shutterstock

Whether your new kitten has a short coat or one that’s fluffy and long, a cat’s mane captures its cuteness, poise, and majesty. Popular cat names often focus on the color of a cat’s fur. Whatever your new kitten’s shade, there’s a perfect name that fits that hue just right.






Unique cat names for regal kittens

Feel free to add King or Queen as a general title before any cat name you choose. Cats are naturally dignified and elegant, so if you have a decidedly noble cat, go for a name that captures her royal nature. Are you sure your little majesty is happy with the palace? Check out these 15 signs that your cat is secretly mad at you.





Queen Mab

Best cat names that draw on other animals

What’s a great name for a kitten? Consider a name that references another animal or mystical creature. Animal names are increasingly popular for pets as well as for people. Animal names are fun and they signal strength, grace, and beauty. You just might find that an animal name fits your new kitten just right. Plus, animal names for cats sound cute and cool.

Teddy Bear





Choosing the right moniker is a great first step to a long, loving relationship with your new kitten.

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