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When it comes to pandemic attire, we have a tight rotation of favorites. There are the cozy pajamas, bathrobes, joggers, exercise dresses, house dresses, and loungewear sets—with warm socks, of course, that have taken a more prominent place in our wardrobes. But leggings have been the real MVPs of the past year thanks to their utility, versatility, and comfort. Classic leggings are a seasonless wardrobe staple you’ll reach for year-round, and picking the right pair can even elevate an average casual ensemble.

“The key to picking the best leggings is knowing what you’re going to use them for,” explains Sheryl Wilson, a women’s health–focused certified personal trainer based in New York City who’s known for her colorful style and vast collection of head-turning legwear. “You’re going to want to pick a soft, cozy pair for those lazy days at home and a more rugged, well-built pair for hiking, HIIT training days, and long outdoor runs. There’s a perfect pair for everyone out there, and at every price point, but it’s important to remember that the leggings that come as part of a loungewear set aren’t necessarily the best leggings for your advanced fitness classes.”

To help you find the right pairs for your body type and lifestyle, we’ve done the hard work sorting through user reviews, ratings, price points, and construction facts. (You’re welcome!) Here are the 15 best leggings on Amazon right now—for exercising, creating the perfect look, or simply lounging around at home.

Note: Prices listed were accurate as of press time; pricing fluctuations may occur.
Best leggings for relaxing at home: Felina Velvety Soft Lightweight Leggingsvia amazon.com

Best leggings for relaxing at home: Felina Velvety Soft Lightweight Leggings

$29.00 for a two-pack

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These super soft leggings are perfect for women who love cozy days at home, movie nights, and casual sweatshirt pairings. “You really can’t go wrong with a pair of lightweight, stretchy leggings that are totally aimed at comfort and maybe gentle movement like walking, stretching, or chasing after children,” Wilson says of this extremely affordable brand. “Softness makes you more likely to wear them and love them, so you’ll get more than your money’s worth if you’re not focused on using them for intense fitness challenges.”

The two-pack renders each pair less than $15, and with nearly 6,000 glowing Amazon reviews, these leggings are a crowd-pleasing favorite. Wear them beneath tunics or with a coordinating tank for at-home yoga sessions. For lounging around at home, don’t forget to pick up a pair of the coziest women’s slippers.

Best fashion leggings for petite sizes: Liverpool Petite Madonna Leggingsvia amazon.com

Best fashion leggings for petite sizes: Liverpool Petite Madonna Leggings


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It’s hard to find a proper fit if you wear petite sizes and are looking for leggings you’ll want to live in every day. These fashion-forward Liverpool Madonna leggings are game changers, though, thanks to a range of sizes, zipper closure, pull-on ease, functional back pockets, and—and you guessed it—a 26-inch inseam that flatters petite body types. The croc-embossed black material offers a bit of flair to the average outfit or easily adds character to a sweater-dress-and-leggings combo. And yes, these are leggings you can wear as pants.

Best budget-friendly leggings: Leggings Depot High Waisted Yoga Leggingsvia amazon.com

Best budget-friendly leggings: Leggings Depot High Waisted Yoga Leggings

From $9.99

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Not sure which color leggings to add to your collection? These solid-colored, high-waisted leggings are affordable enough to order more than one pair, leaving your dueling desires for sensible black and bright pink totally fulfilled. Plus, the high waist offers flattering tummy control for those in need, making this a cut Wilson believes most women will fall in love with. “If you’ve never tried a high-waisted legging before, definitely give them a try, because they do wonders to camouflage loose skin, imperfections, muffin top, and even the abdominal muscle separations, or diastasis recti, that is so common among mothers.” Nearly 20,000 Amazon customers vouch for the awesomeness of these leggings. Pair them with a stylish work top to create a comfy work outfit!

Best leggings for serious outdoor excursions: Fjallraven Abisko Trekking Tightsvia amazon.com

Best leggings for serious outdoor excursions: Fjallraven Abisko Trekking Tights


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Forget the sticker shock of these life-changing leggings—you’ll keep them for years, and they’ll outlive your cheapies by far, thanks to superior materials, quality construction, heavy-duty seams, and a design that was built to stand up to a rugged outdoor lifestyle. They offer a drawstring closure on top of dense, high-performance stretch fabric that wicks away moisture; they have reinforced knees for extra tough terrain, long days of hiking, and even outdoor climbing. There are also small, zippered pockets for important items, and a clip-on loop at the hip for attaching gear or a light jacket.

“Don’t be afraid to spend more on leggings that stand up to your lifestyle,” Wilson says. “If you’re really adventurous and are in love with function and style, sometimes you have to pay more, and it shows in the quality.” Hundreds of Amazon reviewers rave about these leggings. Who’s ready for the best hiking trails in America?

Best leggings for running: Outdoor Research Essentia Tightsvia amazon.com

Best leggings for running: Outdoor Research Essentia Tights

From $24.38

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They’re called tights, but they’re body-hugging cropped leggings that move with you in all the right ways. Made of moisture-wicking fabric, this popular Amazon’s Choice item features a mid-level waistband that offers mild cinching without leaving you gasping for air (unless you’re running fast enough for that). The flat seam construction and breathable material make them perfect for warm weather too. Another great pair to check out: the Dragon Fit leggings on Amazon.

Best leggings for cold weather: TSLA Thermal Running Tightsvia amazon.com

Best leggings for cold weather: TSLA Thermal Running Tights


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Did you use your latest fallen eyelash to wish for leggings with pockets? Good news—these TSLA fleece-lined leggings have a perfect phone-sized pocket right near the hip, as well as cozy winter-appropriate lining, and just enough support and give to make everything from running errands to actual running a breeze. They offer breathability and a mild amount of compression to keep everything tucked in and smooth. Just note that they’re thicker than typical leggings, so they’re definitely better for cool weather. Pair them with warm socks and you’ll be all set for whatever winter throws your way.

Best leggings for gentle belly compression: Homma Premium Compression Leggingsvia amazon.com

Best leggings for gentle belly compression: Homma Premium Compression Leggings


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Sure, these thicker-than-average leggings are great for fitness reasons, but they’re also a great base layer for broader wardrobe choices because they double as shapewear. They use mild compression to nip, tuck, and squeeze all the right areas into their upright and original positions, and with more than 15,000 positive reviews, you can be sure they’re up to the task. Just make sure you wash them correctly so they’ll hold their compression properties for as many wears as possible.

Best leggings for demanding workouts: The Gym People High Waist Yoga Pantsvia amazon.com

Best leggings for demanding workouts: The Gym People High Waist Yoga Pants


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“I always say it’s important to love the color and pattern of your leggings. If that makes you happy, you’re going to be excited to wear them and put the work in,” Wilson notes. “Look for designs you love and construction that’s ideal for serious workouts, ideally with a high waist that won’t bunch, ride, or fall down when you bend over.”

These eye-catching yoga pants from The Gym People are the budget-friendly answer to the hard workout question. And not only do they come in more than a dozen fun patterns and tones, but they also have pockets! You’ll be extra excited to read the reviews on these too, with some users demonstrating the elasticity and ample pocket size by stuffing whole bottles of champagne in them for visual effect. Even if you don’t actually buy them, the comic relief is enough to make your day. When you’re done reading the customer comments, check out more of the funniest Amazon reviews of all time.

Best plus-size leggings: SeaWhisper Leggingsvia amazon.com

Best plus-size leggings: SeaWhisper Leggings


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Plus-size women shouldn’t feel left out of the conversation on the best leggings for women, especially when these SeaWhisper stretchies come in so many inclusive sizes and colors ranging from navy to classic black, and several other neutrals as well. They’re available in women’s sizes 12 through 28, and they stretch, move, and give like few other similar styles can. That forgiving stretch and movement has firmly placed these in the top 10 most popular plus-size leggings on Amazon.

Best post-surgical leggings: Leonisa Invisible Waist to Thigh Post-Surgical Caprisvia amazon.com

Best post-surgical leggings: Leonisa Invisible Waist to Thigh Post-Surgical Capris


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While post-surgical wear might not be on your mind today, you never know when you might need them. These Leonisa invisible waist capris are some of the best leggings for women who are recovering from several types of surgery, from C-sections to liposuction, thanks to careful compression, lightweight breathability, and easy washing. The compression in these is targeted, unlike other less-expensive versions, which makes them a no-brainer for women in recovery mode who want to switch out of hospital-given compression garments. Interesting fact: Some 32 percent of births are by C-section in America, making this the most popular time of day to be born.
Best leggings for medium-intensity workouts: Colorfulkoala Yoga Pantsvia amazon.com

Best leggings for medium-intensity workouts: Colorfulkoala Yoga Pants


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If you fancy yourself a medium-intensity workout maven, these Colorfulkoala full-length yoga pants are the best leggings for you. They offer an intermediate to advanced level of hold and flexible movement without any advanced price tags, and at under $23 each, they are a steal for the quality. The Colorfulkoala pants are ideal for vinyasa flow yoga classes, spins on the home fitness bike, and outdoor workouts with friends. Plus, the 28-inch inseam works to cover most of the leg without creeping into shoe territory, and the multiple color offerings make them a fun addition to any workout wardrobe. Need more additions to that wardrobe? Check out these best workout shorts for women.
Best leggings for firm control: Maidenform Firm Foundations Shaping Leggingsvia amazon.com

Best leggings for firm control: Maidenform Firm Foundations Shaping Leggings

From $25.03

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These popular Maidenform shapers are the best leggings for women in search of all-over firmness and shapewear-like smoothing. They come in both regular and tall lengths, making them a great choice for women over 5’8″ as well, and feature easy pull-on styling, a two-ply waistband that keeps bellies tucked in and flat, and cooling fabric that stands up to even the sweatiest workouts. Next, check out the best shapewear for every outfit.

Best leggings for sleeping: Chaser Rainbow Bolt Lounge Pantsvia amazon.com

Best leggings for sleeping: Chaser Rainbow Bolt Lounge Pants


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Let’s face it—if you’re prone to getting so comfortable in your leggings that you end up taking naps or calling it quits for the night before changing into PJs, those high-waisted compression leggings just aren’t the right choice. These trendy, happiness-inspiring Chaser lounge pants, however, are just what you want. They’re like the lovechild of your favorite knit leggings and tailored sweatpants, and one of the best Amazon sleep products you’ll find. They’re everything you need for a quiet day at home, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, walking the dog or running errands.

Best base layer leggings: ColdPruf Quest Performance Base Layer Leggingsvia amazon.com

Best base layer leggings: ColdPruf Quest Performance Base Layer Leggings


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These lightweight leggings from Amazon are a great choice if you love to love to layer—and a great gift for people who are always cold. They’re ski- and snowboard-friendly, offering thermal insulation without bulk or weight, and moisture-wicking properties that make them a natural choice below shells and other outer layers for the coldest days. They’re designed with a brushed inside for added warmth, as well as an athletic rise that lets you move comfortably, no matter what you’re doing. Here’s the kicker, though: They’re so comfortable, you’ll probably end up wearing them off the slopes for après-ski hot chocolate and time by the fire. They’re also machine washable, tag-free, and won’t bunch or ride up in delicate areas.

Next, get the scoop on ThirdLove’s sports bra and leggings—they’re game-changers!

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  • Sheryl Wilson, a certified personal trainer and the founder of Fitnotic

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