This Is the Best Wine in the World—and It Only Costs $10

Plus, you can find it pretty much anywhere in the United States.

Finally! Good wine doesn’t have to break the bank. Before you splurge on a $100 bottle of champagne, forget what the winos tell you; price doesn’t always signal quality. According to a new ranking, the one of best wines in the world only costs $10.

At least, that’s according to experts at Wine Enthusiast magazine, who recently gave the Member’s Mark Riesling from Sam’s Club an 89 point rating. Contributing editor Anna Lee C. Iijima couldn’t resist noting this white’s “juicy, fruity enjoyment calibrated with hints of minerality and revitalizing freshness.” This “easygoing yet zesty” beverage has just a hint of flavors like apricot and tangerine, she says.

Readers, there’s only one thing you should do, according to Iijima: “Drink now.”

This-Is-the-Best-Wine-in-the-World—And-It-Only-Costs-$10Dima Sobko/shutterstock

Plus, it’s as easy on the wallet as it is on the tongue. One bottle costs a budget-friendly $10.48. If you purchase, you’ll actually be getting two bottles for the price of one; each bottle is 1.5 L, double that of the average 750 mL size. In the end, you’ll save money by buying a much bigger bottle without the pricey cost of wines with similar ratings.

Pick up a bottle of this fruity white at any Sam’s Club near you. At 9.5 percent ABV, a glass will pair best with seafood, creamy pasta, spicy dishes, and poultry. Bon appétit! Plus, have you tried this easy spoon hack to keep champagne from falling flat?

Source: Delish

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