We Just Found out How Brussels Sprouts Are Grown and We’ll Never Be the Same

You NEED to see what a Brussels sprout plant looks like.

Think about it: Have you ever seen a Brussels sprouts plant? Have you ever even thought about what one might look like? Well, neither have we—and now that we have, our whole world has been turned upside down.


Like many of the healthiest vegetables you can eat, most people have a love/hate relationship with Brussels sprouts. Cancer fighting and vitamin C-boosting attributes aside, we either want to devour them or gag at the sight of them. But very few of us have ever taken the time to think about where they come from… until now.

We-Just-Found-Out-How-Brussels-Sprouts-Are-Grown-and-We’ll-Never-Be-The-SameBernd Juergens/shutterstock

Turns out, Brussels sprouts don’t grow on bushes, trees, or even stems; they actually grow on stalks, popping out from the sides like little puffballs. When they reach maturity, they even grow huge leaves. And since Brussels sprouts plants typically grow in cooler climates, you’ll have to head out to the Pacific Northwest if you want to see one in person. Just get a load of these pictures!

What do YOU think of this abnormal-looking appendage called a Brussels sprout plant?

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