Chick-fil-A Just Bottled Their Sauce! Here’s Where to Buy It.

Will you get Original Chick-fil-A sauce or Polynesian sauce first?

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting down to eat a mouthwatering meal, and then you realize… you don’t have the sauce you need. Sometimes it’s as simple as rummaging around the refrigerator for some Sweet Baby Ray’s. But other times, your taste buds yearn for that forbidden sauce, the sauce only available at a certain place. Even if we already know what’s in it, it’s just not the same.

Well, Chick-fil-A has heard our pleas. You can now buy bottles of the good stuff!

I can have Polynesian sauce at home?!

You sure can. And they’re offering more than just Polynesian, too. Chick-fil-A is selling 16-ounce bottles of its Polynesian and Original sauces, and honestly, we’re ready to buy multiple bottles of them both.

If 16 ounces sounds like too much sauce for you, the chain is also selling 8-ounce bottles, in a wider variety. That lineup also includes Barbeque, Honey Mustard and Garlic Herb Ranch.

Oh, and the profits from these sales go to the chain’s Chick-fil-A Remarkable Futures Scholarship Initiative, which is awesome.

Where can I get them?

OK, here’s the catch. Currently, Chick-fil-A is only selling these sauces in Florida. (Yeah, we’re bummed, too). But you can order off the secret menu anywhere! Plus, there’s a silver lining in this gray cloud: If the sales for this first Florida run are good, they’ll roll out the sauces to other states. So if you’re in Florida, do your duty and buy, like, five of them at a time. Load up multiple shopping carts. Hey, it’s for a good cause!

Look for the Chick-fil-A sauce at Target, Publix, Walmart, and Winn-Dixie starting in April. Mark it on your calendars, y’all—and maybe send a bottle or two to your sauce-deprived friends and relatives. Here’s why Chick-fil-A employees don’t say “you’re welcome.”

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