You’ll Never Need to Dry a Dish Again Thanks to This Clever Hack

Coming in hot.


The dishwasher abides by the Mitch Hedberg rule of appliance-naming (i.e., just adding an “-er” on to whatever the appliance is meant to do!). But it can be frustrating that it doesn’t do more. Why can’t it be a dishwasher/dryer? It’s an appliance which saves plenty of time, but it sure would be even more convenient if every last dish came out as dry as a piece of parchment in the Gobi. Unfortunately, every time the wash cycle comes to completion, every last implement is in need of a toweling, and, to quote a wise Internet woman, ain’t nobody got time for that. (Plus, make sure you’re not making these dishwasher loading mistakes, either.)

But there is a way to flash-dry dishes and it involves cheating the system a bit, as reported by CNET.  Although plenty of dishwashers have self-drying features, that can take precious time, time which could be spent doing other things, like staring down your dry and neatly organized utensil drawer. 

Load your dishwasher just the same as usual, but take note of how long it takes to get to the final rinse cycle. The older models tend to have a dial which notes the progress of the wash, while plenty of newer models have an actual timer, so you can set a timer on your phone.

Let the machine run its course, but once you hear the final rinse cycle finish and the water drain from the bottom of the unit, quickly open the door, being sure to keep your face away from the steam.  The piping hot dishes will evaporate the excess water droplets and the dense humidity will be expelled quickly through the open door.

With most dishwashers, this will cut down the drying time to just a few minutes. Additionally, the machine runtime will be cut down significantly, so that’s a few extra cents off your electric bill. Now that you know a faster way to dry your dishes, make sure you’re not putting these things in the dishwasher at all—sometimes, hand washing is the way to go for certain items. 

[Source: CNET]

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