Coca-Cola Dropped a New Beverage for 2022—And We’re Already Obsessed

If you're a die-hard fan of Coca-Cola and coffee, then this drink was made for you. It hits stores in February!

When it comes to nostalgic sodas, you already know Coca-Cola is at the top of the list. This beverage brand has been producing iconic drinks for over 130 years. But that hasn’t stopped them from discontinuing less popular drink brands and creating new products. Coca-Cola recently launched a new Coke Zero that’s supposed to appeal to millennials. Keepin’ up with the times! Now another brand-new Coke flavor is rolling out as we speak: Coca-Cola with Coffee Mocha. Here’s what we know about it.

This might replace your morning coffee

If you’re a fan of caffeine (like so many of us are), then you’re likely a coffee drinker—which means you probably already heard about the Coca-Cola with Coffee drinks that hit stores in 2021.

The next flavor coming our way is Coca-Cola with Coffee Mocha. I’m sorry—did that say mocha? Yes, my friend. It did. If you’re confused about what mocha is, check out our ultimate coffee guide for clarification.

This all-new Coke has that mocha flavor I can’t get enough of in the morning. Each sip honestly has a perfect blend of Coke and chocolaty mocha flavors, without any hint of artificial-ness. You’ll be so ready to conquer the day! Plus, we hear a new Vanilla Zero Sugar is in the works as well.

Psst—here’s why the Coca-Cola logo is red.

How can I get a can?

The new drink will officially roll out in stores on February 7, 2022. In the meantime, we’ll be testing out Coca-Cola hacks.

Speaking of innovation, Coke is trying out something new for delivery. Coca-Cola has enlisted its own fleet of self-driving delivery robots. If that’s not a look into the near future, I don’t know what is! If you’re interested in snagging a can of Coca-Cola with Coffee Mocha early, you can submit your address for a chance to sample the newest flavor before it hits the shelves. Good luck!

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