Costco Is Closed on Memorial Day—Here’s How to Shop for the Holiday

It's official—Costco is taking the day off on Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is right around the corner (can you believe how fast this year has gone by?), and plenty of businesses are taking the holiday to honor fallen soldiers. That includes the U.S. Postal Service, banks, and everyone’s favorite warehouse club, Costco. But if you still need to shop for Memorial Day goods, don’t worry—you have time to load up your cart.

Costco will be closed this Memorial Day on May 25. Here’s when to head in for all the hot dogs, buns and potato salad fixin’s you crave. Plus, you can add one of these 9 bizarre things you never knew you could get at Costco to your shopping list, too.

Why is Costco closed?

Costco fans will know that this is a pretty traditional closure. Costco’s holiday hours include closures for Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and of course, Memorial Day. If you’re still looking for deals before Memorial Day weekend, Costco is fully operational on May 23 and May 24 with regular hours, though they may vary with location.

Of course, you’ll have to keep in mind this year is a little different. With health risks due to COVID-19, Costco is requiring members to wear a face mask while shopping to prevent spreading illness to fellow shoppers and employees. You’ll also have to keep your distance, remaining at least six feet apart from other shoppers at all times.

Don’t stock up too much

Before you shop, remember the rules Costco is putting in place on certain items right now. On May 4, Costco announced a limit on the sale of meat products, meaning each customer can only buy three packages of poultry, pork, fish, or beef at a time. Costco is also putting its return policy on hold for essentials like toilet paper, bottled water, paper towels, and more. You can find the updated Costco COVID-19 guidelines here. While you’re stocking up, be sure to grab these things at Costco you shouldn’t be without.

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