Costco’s Famous 4-Piece Kitchen Bin Set Is Back Just in Time for the Holidays!

This Costco kitchen bin set is back, on sale, and all we need for the holidays.

If you’re like us and have a pretty hefty list to cross off by December, now’s the time to make the most of that Costco membership. The warehouse retailer is seriously in the holiday spirit, rolling out great deals on festive apple pies (big enough for the whole family to have seconds), mini ornaments filled with hot cocoa, and oh, so much more. But the best deal from Costco this year is something you’ll definitely want to have under the tree on Christmas Day.

Even though there are a plethora of things you won’t see in Costco anymore due to the pandemic, the store’s legendary four-piece kitchen bin set is back on shelves ahead of the holidays! This Costco classic is perfect for the Marie Kondo in your life—or even someone who could use a little kitchen decluttering. What’s better? It’s on sale right now!

It’s one of Costco’s best buys

Shoppers rave over Costco on an average day, but they’re all over it when this kitchen bin set heads back into stores. The set includes four pieces perfect for every oddly shaped item you have trouble storing in the fridge, like cans, fruit, condiments, and more. Each piece is slim enough to fit neatly into the back or side of your fridge, and you can even repurpose this set for a pantry or spice cabinet that needs a little TLC. It’s definitely one of those things you likely aren’t buying at Costco, but should.

The set was spotted by IG user @CostcoBuys, who couldn’t contain their excitement over this nifty kitchen organizer.

Cross this off your list ASAP

If you’ve got someone in mind who would love this little kitchen organizer, get into Costco for this set as soon as you can. It’s on sale right now for only $16 (as opposed to the usual $20), but this deal won’t last long. You have until November 15 to save on this Costco kitchen bin set, and you’ll have to be quick—these tend to disappear as soon as they arrive, especially now.

We don’t know about you, but we’re getting our Christmas shopping done at Costco this year.


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