Our Editors Tested Cozy Earth Pajamas to See if They’re Worth the Hype

It's clear: These pajamas are winners.

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It’s no secret that at Reader’s Digest, we’re big fans of Cozy Earth. The brand has graced our best pajamas roundup, won the top spot in our best cooling pajamas piece and even been spotted in our pick of the best bathrobes. So after all these accolades, we decided to put the brand to the ultimate test—sending four of our pickiest shopping editors a pair to write the end-all, be-all Cozy Earth pajama review.

As shopping editors, we’re a highly discerning bunch. We tested the Cozy Earth Bamboo Pajamas for fit, style, comfort and durability in a variety of environments. We ordered four sets of PJs in an assortment of sizes, colors and styles to determine how they performed in real life. Read on for our editors’ thoughts—and let the coziness commence!

Cozy Earth Bamboo Pajamas reviews

Megan sitting on her bed in Cozy Earth Bamboo PajamasMegan Mowery/rd.com

Black Long-Sleeve Top and Short Bottoms (Size S)

I never understood the appeal of fancy pajama sets. When I’m not in my around-the-house uniform of leggings and a sweatshirt, I’m hopping into bed in a big t-shirt of indeterminate, years-old origin. But I have to admit it—Cozy Earth rocked my pajama-less world.

Their incredibly soft, stretchy, silky material is plenty comfortable. But even better, they’re almost cool to the touch, which is especially appreciated since I can’t stand to feel overheated when I sleep. They’re flattering, too, with their classic design and high waistband that feels sturdy and waist-defining.

But I don’t love these pajamas just for their performance overnight. They’ve lately become my favorite thing to slip into after I finish work—I instantly feel relaxed and even a little fancy as I prep dinner and enjoy my nightly TV. A glass of wine plus pasta and these pajamas equals an unmatched luxurious vibe.

And best of all, I loved being able to order a custom pajama set, to mix a long-sleeve top with short bottoms. Since I’m extra short, long bottoms are typically a no-go. I like that the customization options make these pajamas accessible to just about everyone.

It’s official—Cozy Earth pajamas have converted me, and I won’t be returning to my XL tee anytime soon.—Megan Mowery, Senior Shopping Editor

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Madi drinking coffee on the balcony in Cozy Earth Bamboo PajamasMadi Koetting/rd.com

Gray Short-Sleeve Top and Long Bottoms (Size M)

I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve been living in these bamboo beauties since I got them. They’re my go-to after long days and even double as work-from-home loungewear. (Although, I do prefer to throw on a pullover sweater for meetings.)

I’ve bought button-down pajama sets like this pair before, but the soft, lightweight material of Cozy Earth’s bamboo PJs are truly unmatched—and they have pockets! I love the loose yet tailored feel. The fabric does cling a bit, but not in a way that’s uncomfortable or like it’s hugging the wrong places.

Shortly after receiving them, I did get an olive oil stain on the pants because, well, I was wearing them all day and was a little too clumsy when whipping up lunch. I washed the pajamas inside out and the stain lifted away like magic. And the fabric didn’t pill! These are by far the most luxurious pajamas I own, and my new go-to for family gifts. -Madi Koetting, Associate Shopping Editor

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Cozy Earth Bamboo Pajamas laid out on a bedMegan Wood/rd.com

Black Short-Sleeve Top and Long Bottoms (Size M)

As an Executive Shopping Editor, I can say for certain that I’ve never found pajamas with a customizable length. Longer or shorter bottom inseams are just one detail that I love about my Cozy Earth pajamas. The quality is obvious right out of the package and after multiple wears.

The 100-night sleep trial made it easy to rip off the tags and throw the pajamas in the wash before I wore them. Straight out of the dryer, the material felt buttery soft and comfy. No gaping at the buttons or weird floppy collar situation either. These are my go-to pajamas and a major style upgrade from mismatching sets I’ve acquired over the years.—Megan Wood, Executive Shopping Editor

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Reina sitting on the couch reading while wearing Cozy Earth Bamboo PajamasReina Galhea/rd.com

Navy Long-Sleeve Top and Long Bottoms (Size M)

When it comes to PJs, I’m loath to buy a dedicated set. Why make a separate purchase when an oversized t-shirt and shorts will do? At least that’s what I thought before I tried Cozy Earth. Right out of the package, I was impressed with the quality of these pajamas. My old cotton shirts might as well be sandpaper compared to the silky bamboo viscose material, which was surprisingly breathable and wrinkle-resistant once on.

The pants weren’t billed as high-waisted, but I found that they sat noticeably higher than my flannel pajama pants. I have a long torso, so that’s a major plus. The top fit nicely too—the material hung like a slouchy shirt, no boxy-ness to speak of.

But the sleep test was what truly won me over. Because these PJs are breathable and light, even sleeping in full pants and long sleeves didn’t cause me to overheat. They did bunch up around my elbows and knees during the night (an inevitable circumstance of sleeping in long pants and sleeves), but because the material is so light and thin, it didn’t bother me a bit. Overall, I definitely understand the hype over Cozy Earth PJs. You cannot beat the quality. –Reina Galhea, Deputy Shopping Editor

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