Dear Mom: The Words We Wish Mom Could Hear

In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked readers, What would you tell your mother if you could?

In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked readers, What would you tell your mother if you could?

Here’s a sampling of your answers:

I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you. Not necessarily in that order.
Anna O’Connell, 45, Hollywood, Maryland

There is no point trying to make your recipes. We miss you so much, we can hardly swallow them.
Diane Granic, 54, Westminster, Maryland

I wish I could tell my mother I’m sorry for being so hard on her.
S. S., 53, Edmond, Oklahoma

You were honest, fair, and intelligent. It was not as much what you said as what you did.
Dorothy Shapiro, 78, Liberty, New York

Please stop picking on everyone, especially Dad. Can’t you just let people be?
S. H., Galveston, Texas

I’d like to tell my mother that I have two tattoos. She would flip out if she knew.
Sheila Woodall, 42, Cornelia, Georgia

I admired your courage and tenacity during some really tough times.
Connie W. Seals, 64, Tampa, Florida

Everything I am I owe to her.
J. E., via Internet

I’d ask her whether I have become the mother, grandmother, and daughter she hoped I would be.
Melinda Sanderson, 59, Oakville, Missouri

I wish I had gotten to know you better.
Judith Francello, 64, Escondido, California

I forgive you for not being perfect.
Joann Goldstein, Las Vegas, Nevada

Thank you for all the times you told me no and explained why.
Sherry Barrett, 43, Carthage, Texas

The time you spend with your children and grandchildren is worth more than your dollars will ever be.
Patty Melton, 56, Tulsa, Oklahoma

I would thank her for taking care of my children when they were little. I wish she could see them now.
Deborah Benton, 58, Houston, Texas

I never understood why you made me eat beans every night.
Nancy Santos, 45, Silver Spring, Maryland

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