There’s a Surprisingly Easy Way to Delete Yourself from the Internet

We all probably have wanted this service at some point or another.

Kite_rin/ShutterstockDisappearing can be a desirable thing. Houdini made a career out of it. A simple smoke bomb, fog machine, or flash mob will suffice for the everyday act of disappearance. Disappearing from the Internet, however, is a bit more complicated.

There are plenty of reasons why one may want to eternally scrub their Internet footprint from history: one reason could be that you were in college once, another might be that you had frosted tips once. No judgment here. However, this act might actually be a bit easier than you would think.

Willie Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck have come up with a tool which can help you on your crusade to a clean Internet slate. The developers from Sweden created, an Internet service which allows you to take a look at all websites you’ve ever created an account with, and will give you the option to delete said account or unsubscribe from said site.

In order to start the process, you just type in your e-mail address and password (you can pick the perfect password with this site, by the way), and then will scan your account for sites you belong to.

The service is limited to Google e-mail accounts at the moment and doesn’t have deletion access to every service quite yet, but it does work with the big players, like Facebook and Twitter. The site also abides by Google’s security protocol, so your account info never enters their servers, as the software runs on your computer.

[Source: The Telegraph