Design Your Own Wedding Ring

Designing a custom wedding ring is a great way to express your personal style, and to ensure that your ring is truly unique. Here’s what to keep in mind.

Designing your own wedding ring is a great way for you to express your personal style, and to ensure that your ring is truly unique. Here are some things to keep in mind when designing your rings:

Get some ideas
Look at plenty of pictures of wedding rings online. Save pictures of the rings you like in a special folder on your computer. When it’s time to design your own ring, you can combine the details you like, such as the shape of the stone on one ring and the pattern on the band of another.

Pick a metal
The most popular choices are gold, white gold, platinum, and sterling silver. Choose an element that will allow for adjustments—like gold or platinum—because your finger will likely change sizes at some point in your life. (Materials such as titanium and wood are hard to resize.) Also consider the pros and cons of each metal. For example, silver might tarnish as time passes, whereas platinum won’t. However, platinum is much more expensive than silver!

Decide whether you want to add stones
If so, you’ll need to choose the size and shape of the stones. Don’t do gems all the way around the ring: It’s costly, and you’ll only be able to see a third of the ring when it’s on your finger.

Consider engraving
Having your wedding date, your spouse’s initials, or some other small message engraved into the band is a great way to personalize your ring. But don’t go overboard—engraving can be expensive.

Find a good jeweler
Meet with a few jewelers or metalsmiths. Ask to see photos of other rings they have created. Be upfront about your budget, and be sure to ask for references. Choose a jeweler with whom you communicate well.

Know who will make your rings
Some jewelers will help design your ring and then actually craft it. Many, however, will pass it on to a craftsman to create once they’ve worked with you on the design. So be sure to ask who will actually make your rings, ask to see his or her work, and meet with that person if you can.

Draw a picture
The jeweler or metalsmith will be much better equipped to create the ring you want if he can see a picture of your vision rather than simply hear a description.

Allow ample time
Give the jeweler plenty of time before your wedding to create your ring. If you wait until the last minute, she won’t be able to put as much care into it.

Trust your jeweler
Ultimately, the jeweler is the expert. So, if he says a band will be too thin to hold a certain stone, listen to him and pick a smaller stone (or a thicker band).


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