17 Tweets Only True Disney Fans Will Appreciate

You're not the only one who rocks out to "The Lion King" songs.

1. The perfect party playlist

2. Things that keep you up at night

3. The true relationship test


Check out these inspirational quotes from Walt Disney.

4. #AdultProblems


5. Eeyore would say so much more than words ever could


6. Mantra to get through the day


7. Truly internalizing those messages

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8. Supermodels have nothing on Pocahontas


9. Who needs pain meds?

10. We feel a Pinterest board coming on

11. Friends who Brave together stay together


12. Disney’s unsung hero

13. Can’t stay sad singing “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”

Give those tracks a closer listen—you’ll never believe the impressive vocabulary you can learn from Disney songs.

14. No going back


15. Case in point: “A Whole New World”

16. High expectations

17. It’s not obsession, it’s ~passion~

Did your favorite make the list of the best movie musicals ever?

Marissa Laliberte
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