25 Cool Easter Basket Ideas for Teens They Will Be Obsessed With

Expect smiles, not snark, when you gift your teen one of these Easter baskets filled with merch they really, really want.

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You can give a 3-year-old a piece of Easter grass, and they’ll think it’s the greatest thing ever. Fast-forward a decade, and teens who used to be easy to please may react to a thoughtful, expensive gift with eye rolls and attitude. They don’t think you get them. They don’t think anyone gets them. But we’re the teen whisperers over here, and we know from our own experiences (good and bad) as well as a whole lot of scrolling on Instagram and TikTok what teens like (and don’t like). So take it from us: These 25 Easter basket ideas for teens will rock their world.

They’ll also put your kids in the perfect mood to tackle other Easter traditions with a smile. And in case you’re wondering, we’ve got Easter basket ideas for the whole crew, including adult Easter baskets, Easter basket ideas for kids, Easter basket stuffers, and a roundup of the coolest new Easter candy. Because what is Easter without enough sugar to rot your teeth?

So let’s get shopping for those Easter basket ideas for teens. And don’t be afraid to think outside the box—er, basket—as we’ve done with the ideas below. An on-theme container ups the fun factor.

Ice cream Easter basket

Instructions for being the cool parent (or grandparent): Place Portland’s iconic Salt & Straw ice cream (we suggest the salted, malted chocolate chip cookie dough), waffle cones, and Supernatural Rainbow Pop sprinkles inside a retro Igloo cooler. Here’s hoping they share.

Starbucks Easter basket

Starbies, as teens call the coffee chain, is practically their home away from home, which is why this is one of the most universally loved Easter basket ideas for teens. Pick up a Starbucks gift card so they can treat themselves to their drink of choice (it’s probably not on the actual menu). Pop the card inside a Hydro Flask in a new color, like perfect-for-springtime Seagrass. Add a pair of Frappuccino earrings, which may or may not be a gag gift—decide based on your teen’s reaction.

Taylor Swift Easter Basket

Swifties, as Taylor’s fans call themselves, will appreciate a box for storing and carrying their vinyls, especially the new Taylor’s Version albums. Pile in Glossier’s Generation G lipstick in bright red, an on-theme mug, and a red knit scarf. Why a scarf? Trust us, your Taylor Swift fan will get the reference “all too well.” And be sure to plan ahead for these treats—the goods may not be available from stores that are open on Easter.

Hogwarts or bust Easter basket

How’s this for one of the most spellbinding Easter basket ideas for teens: Load up a glow-in-the-dark Harry Potter backpack with wizard-spell pencils, a Honeydukes journal, and a milk chocolate wand. The only thing that would make Harry Potter fans happier is an acceptance letter to the wizarding school itself. But wait—you can buy that online too.

Car swag Easter basket

New drivers love getting gifts that help them make their hand-me-down ride feel less used and more personal. We suggest a graphic steering wheel cover, fun air freshener, plant hanger, and Visa gift card for use at the gas station. We can see the social media Easter captions now, and they all say “Best. Parents. Ever.”

Beach day Easter basket

Who needs a premade Easter basket when you have this brilliant idea? Stuff this cute, inexpensive Old Navy tote with fun beach essentials, like patterned flip-flops, EltaMD SPF 50+ sunscreen (it doesn’t leave a white cast), and a box of Belgian chocolates in the shape of seashells. The whole thing connotes a vibe that your teens will appreciate.

Baking Easter basket

Teen chefs want real equipment to make the treats they see on The Great British Baking Show. Here’s an idea that’s bound to earn you brownie points: Fill a professional stainless steel mixing bowl with a high-quality icing spatula and balloon whisk, plus the amazing Dessert Person cookbook. Fingers crossed that you get to taste-test the results. And speaking of food, you can count on these restaurants to be open on Easter.

Netflix night Easter basket

Treat your teens to a whole bunch of snacks they can nosh on while watching Easter movies (or more likely, Outer Banks). Toss microwave popcorn, king-size candy bars, and fun soda flavors (like strawberry vanilla) into a large popcorn bowl for a feast you’ll be jealous of. Come to think of it, order an extra of everything and save half for yourself.


Broadway’s back Easter basket

The show will go on this spring and summer, so why not treat your dramatic teen to a Broadway musical in New York City or a touring version in your neck of the woods? Stuff a pair of tickets (or a Ticketmaster gift card) inside this showstopping bag along with Broadway trading cards and the Be a Broadway Star board game, a fun Easter game to play with the family. Applause is guaranteed.

Baseball fan Easter basket

A home-run idea: Buy a baseball cap with the logo of your teen’s fave team and fill it with tickets to a local minor-league game, Big League Chew gum, a few Cracker Jack boxes, and some fun-size Baby Ruth candy bars.

Bookworm Easter basket

For the teen who’s always reading, fill an Out of Print tote bag with a whimsical book light, a personalized library stamper, and a pillow cover that reads “just one more chapter…” on one side and “nope, not done yet” on the other. Optional: Add a printable Easter card with a gift certificate to a local bookstore or Bookshop.org. Or if your know what book they’ve been dying to read next, surprise them with that title.

Soccer player Easter basket

Your teen is a more serious fan and player now, so that cute stuff from their elementary school days doesn’t cut it anymore. You’ll score major cred by gifting your teen a new Adidas ball inside this cool soccer bag. Toss in some soccer ball cookies for a sweet treat.

Arts and crafts Easter basket

For the creative types who leave their supplies all around the house, we suggest upgrading their materials and giving them an epic place to store their wares. Our vision: Stock a rolling cart with these Instagram-worthy scissors from Anthropologie, colorful pom-poms, lots of paper, and some double-ended markers. Add in a list of some of your favorite Easter quotes for your teen to add to their crafts.

Flower child Easter basket

If your teen adores all things floral and boho, fill this chic brass planter with the Sweet Pea Top from go-to teen brand Breath of Youth, Rifle Paper Co.’s floral cuff-style bracelet, and chocolates in a floral tin. They may wonder if you’ve been on their Instagram.

Zero waste Easter basket

Reuse your eco-conscious teen’s childhood Easter basket or, if you’re feeling crafty, upcycle old T-shirts into a basket (YouTube will show you how). Blooming Lollipops with plantable sticks, a sustainable water bottle made from recycled plastic, a pack of cute stainless steel straws, and an e-card promising a fun experience are green fillers that won’t go to waste.

Star Wars Easter basket

Stars Wars merch is a force to be reckoned with, so let us help you with a cool curation of Baby Yoda gifts. Start with a whimsical Baby Yoda basket, then add a Funko Pop, a pack of themed socks, and a Mandalorian Pez set. As far as Easter basket ideas for teens go, this one is out of this world.

College dorm Easter basket

Are your teens in college or heading there in the fall? If they’ll be living in a dorm with a hallway bathroom, they’ll need a caddy for all their shower supplies. Answer their Easter wishes by filling Pottery Barn’s understated caddy with Native body wash, pretty razors, a detangling hairbrush, and a couple of cute towel scrunchies from Kitsch, which help absorb water and dry hair faster.

Mani and pedi Easter basket

You may not have realized that mani-pedi lap desks were a thing until now, but you’ll sure be glad you found this one. It’s one of the best Easter basket ideas for teens who will no doubt be rocking the most stylish Easter nails this year. Fill this lap desk with an assortment of Essie nail polishes, acetone-free nail polish remover, and Sephora’s Nail Prep Set, and you’ve nailed it.

Paris Easter basket

An Eiffel Tower Lego set, box of straight-from-France macarons, and Paris map print will leave your wanderlust-filled teen saying, “Merci.” Put the goods inside a vintage-looking storage bin that teens can use in their room. If you’re planning a summer vacation to Paris, pop in a French dictionary and tour book.

Nutella Easter basket

For the many teens obsessed with this chocolate-hazelnut spread, a giant tub, along with some Nutella-filled cookies and the official cookbook (shaped like a Nutella jar), would be the sweetest gift ever. Stuff it all in a reusable shopping bag along with a big spoon.

Astrology Easter basket

If your teens are always saying, “Ugh, Mercury is in retrograde,” brighten their Easter with an astrology basket. We predict zodiac-themed socks, an Astrology Lip Stories Lipstick, and a Good Vibes crystal kit will bring happiness. Extra credit: Read up on favorite Easter candies, according to the zodiac signs, and add the treats that match up with your teen’s birthday.

Comic book fan Easter basket

The Easter bunny can’t beat this super idea: Mix and match Marvel and DC favorites for a kitschy superhero gift. Fill a Spidey basket with a cool Shang-Chi shirt, Funko Pop lights, and Batman jelly beans. If a Comic-Con is coming to your town, a pair of tickets to the event and money for cosplay would be the holy grail.

TikTok beauty Easter basket

Got a teen who watches all the makeup tutorials on TikTok? You’ll be a hero if you buy them influencers’ beloved products, like Patrick Starrr’s powder foundation, Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Dew Drops, and liquid blush from Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez. Bonus points: Stuff the makeup inside the chic vegan leather JW Pei bag that went viral.

Throwback music Easter basket

Wired EarPods are trendy again, so toss a pair in a basket along with a teeny turntable, upcycled record coasters, and a gift card to the local record shop. If your teen plays an instrument or sings, include a songbook from one of their favorite artists.

Gamer’s delight Easter basket

If your teen already has a Nintendo Switch, nestle a Pro Controller inside a basket with a giant Super Mario Easter Egg and Pokéman cards. And if you still restrict their screen time, add on a gift that won’t cost you anything: unlimited gaming for a day.

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