This Cooling, Sleep-Tracking Mattress Cover Converts Your Regular Mattress Into a Smart Bed

This snooze-worthy mattress cover makes it easy to fall asleep fast.

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Been hitting “snooze” more often than usual lately? There’s a whole spectrum of issues that affect our sleep, from tossing and turning to night sweats. With summer fast approaching, folks who are hot sleepers anticipate the sticky, restless nights that come with the heat. Those who don’t have a dedicated cooling mattress may think that shedding sheets and covers are the only answers to their problem—but not so.

While there are hundreds of cooling mattress toppers on the market, many of them simply use moisture-wicking materials to offset night sweats. That doesn’t help those who radiate heat like an oven—especially when the weather warms up. Instead, opt for a solution that regulates temperature, gently vibrates when it’s wakeup time and offers real sleep data that pinpoints the cause of restless nights.

If that sounds like science fiction, we’re about to blow your mind. The Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover is very real—and very smart.

What is the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover?

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If there’s any product that’s a stand-in for the Sand Man, it’s the Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover. This clever cover turns any regular mattress into a bonafide smart bed with the close of a zipper. Its flexibility is especially useful for those who already have their dream mattress but want to add a few simple enhancements.

This bed cooling system uses a customizable fit to surround any queen-size or larger bed like a fitted sheet. On the top of the mattress cover, a one-inch foam sheet adds a layer of comfort. A built-in active grid sits on top of the cover, imperceptibly monitoring sleep patterns and transferring the data to Eight Sleep’s app. The active grid also absorbs and removes heat consistently throughout the night, eliminating sweaty sheets for good.

A hub that sits next to the bed and delivers a rush of water during heat spikes is the secret to the Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover’s cooling technology. During cooler months, it’s capable of acting as a heated blanket, too. The hub is also instrumental in sending data to the Eight Sleep app. With the app, users can view sleep and health metrics, health insights, monitor restlessness and keep an eye on sleep stages.

Both sides of the bed cover boast individual control, so it’s perfect for couples that can’t find a happy medium.

How do you use the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover?

According to the Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover manual and site, setting up the Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover is pretty easy. Just add the pod cover to the mattress like any standard, fitted cooling sheet. Next, put the hub next to the bed and connect it to WiFi. After that, just create a profile on the app for both parties sleeping in the bed.

Once the cover is on the bed, feel free to add a mattress protector and fitted sheet over it. The hub—built to look a lot like a desktop computer tower—needs to be filled with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and distilled water. Peroxide keeps bacteria at bay, which in turn allows the Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover to operate cleanly. This water must be periodically swapped out for optimal performance.

What Reviewers Say About the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover

While it’s a bit on the pricey end, reviewers rave about the performance and versatility of this mattress cover. Eight Sleep even has a “Wall of Love” that pulls tweets from adoring fans of the cover.

“Love mine. Sleep great at home and terribly in hotels now. Used to sleep terribly everywhere,” writes Twitter user Scott.

Similarly, Twitter user TheCryptoDog reports, “Now that I sleep every night in a bed that automatically liquid cools my body and draws my heat away as I’m asleep under my covers, I can’t ever imagine going back.”

Where to Buy the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover

Sleep Mattress Cover Ecomm Via Eightsleep.comvia merchant

The Eight Sleep Pod Pro cover is available on Eight Sleep’s website, and retails for around $2,295. Right now, the cover is on sale. Scoop it up and save $100 before the deal ends.

To access all the sleep features, it also requires a monthly subscription. This subscription covers existing and future features that will be available through app updates. Don’t suffer in sauna-like conditions—slay every night’s sleep with this easy-to-install smart cover.

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