This One Skill Can Help You Get Promoted Faster—It’s Not Your IQ

Truth be told, it has nothing to do with your technical prowess.


Promotions are tricky creatures. You may work hard and perform well, but if you fail to build trust with your co-workers, moving higher in your career might just go down the drain.

Why? As you climb the corporate ladder, technical skills start mattering less and interpersonal ones become absolutely essential. It’s no secret that employers look for specific soft skills in their new hires, of course. But don’t tuck those abilities away once you land the job; when you’re eyeing a promotion, you can impress your boss with your emotional intelligence, too.

In 2011, Career Builder surveyed over 2,600 hiring managers and HR professionals about this very topic. They found that 71 percent of respondents preferred emotional intelligence over IQ when hiring new employees. And 75 percent said they’re more likely to promote an employee with high emotional intelligence and a relatively lower IQ than vice-versa.

Earn high marks in the office by managing your emotions under pressure, as well as listening and showing empathy to co-workers. Should a conflict arise, it’s important take responsibility for your mistakes and remain open to feedback as you work through the problem. Doing so will not only garner respect from others, but it will also open the door for your next career breakthrough. Capitalize on the nine important, invisible job skills you might not know you have, too.

If you need to brush up on your soft skills, these are the five things you need for emotional intelligence. But proceed with caution—this is why too much emotional intelligence can be a bad thing.

[Source: Fast Company]

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