Finish This Sentence: A Stranger Would Never Guess That I…

What would you say? Finish this sentence below, then go to for a chance to complete the newest sentence.

finish this sentence

burned the house down on Christmas Eve when I was three years old.
—Jaymie Long, Santa Clara, CA

don’t have a belly button.
—Chandra M. Voeltz, Aberdeen, SD

…dropped out of high school but graduated from college (first of three degrees) when I was 18.
—Nancy Scofield, Colorado City, CO

am terrified of balloons.
—Kerrie Ragsdale, Bartlesville, OK

…attended school in a boxcar.
—Sheila Boling, San Diego, CA

…am married to someone 32 years older than I am. We will celebrate our 20th anniversary next month.
—Lynn V. Ellington, Dallas, TX

have seven brain tumors and lead a normal life.
—Caryn Moy, Machesney Park, IL

…can read Braille with my eyes!
—Jane Breen, Jacksonville, IL

care about them.
—Kelvyn Ram, Chester, NY

…wrote and published my first book while being homeless and destitute.
—Cabot Barden, Talladega, AL

pick up worms in the street and put them in the grass so they will be safe.
—Ginny Bradley Grisdale, Charlotte, NC

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