Finish This Sentence: The Title of My Autobiography Would Be…

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june 2015 finish this sentence

My Wi-Fi Connection Is Stronger Than I Am Jackie Rodriguez, Las Vegas, NV

Why Does My Cheerfulness Annoy You So? Patti Ebben, Appleton, WI

That’s Not Kuo, Man! Karen Kuo, Palo Alto, CA

Cinderella Rode a Harley Cynthia Ivers, Denver, CO

Once Upon a Quesadilla: The Spanish-Teacher Diaries Jennifer Marie Clark, Hixson, TN

Can Anything Good Come From Idaho? Bruce Mangum, Cathedral City, CA

Hippie Girl to Groovy Granny Jan Bollier, San Antonio, TX

Old Enough to Know Better But Did It Anyway Nicole Novack Ricciotti, Canandaigua, NY

Giant Feet: Following in the Footsteps of a Great Soldier I Called Dad Lois Lee Bell, Russiaville, IN

Life and the Pursuit of Pancakes Tania Hammer, Far Rockaway, NY

Wife Is a Four-Letter Word Cyndi Lavosky, Albion, PA

Sitting on the Hump (I was always skinny and got the smallest seat in the car.) Robin Stearns Lee, Jamestown, SC

Frying Bacon Naked (And Other Poor Decisions) Linda McCree Diaz, Hollywood, FL

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