How to Get Free Fries at McDonald’s Every Friday Through 2023

We know what we're doing for lunch on Friday!

This is not a drill. The fast-food giant famous for its Big Macs and secret menu is making those golden arches even more alluring with Free Fries Friday.

That’s right: Starting now, you can get free McDonald’s fries with your order every Friday—yes, every Friday—through the end of 2023. Of course, this isn’t a french fry free-for-all. You’ll need to meet certain qualifications, so read on to find out exactly what you have to do to snag your free fry order.

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What’s the deal?

With any purchase of at least $1 on the McDonald’s app, you can get free medium-size fries with your order. This deal is valid every Friday through the end of 2023.

The key here? You need to order through the McDonald’s app to reap the free-fry benefit. You’ll also need to be enrolled in the McDonald’s rewards program in order to be eligible for a free medium fry. And check the app to be sure your local McDonald’s is one of the locations participating in the deal.

Oh, and in case you’re thinking of gaming the system, know this: You are eligible for only one free order of McDonald’s fries every Friday, and because it’s tied to the app, there’s no double dipping. Don’t expect to get a free order of fries via curbside pickup and via the drive-thru.

How do you get your free McDonald’s fries?

Ready to snack on some salty fries from the fast-food chain? (Maybe paired with a McDonald’s Coke?) Here’s what you need to do to get that free medium-size fry when you order.

  1. Select the item (or items if you’re super hungry) that you want to order. To snag the deal, you just need to meet that $1 minimum. But don’t purchase yet!
  2. Go to the “Deals” tab on the app.
  3. Select the Free Friday Fries deal.
  4. Tap “Add Deal to Mobile Order,” and your free fries will be added.
  5. Pay. (Your card won’t be charged until you check in.)

With the app, it’s easy to make a contactless purchase. Just be sure you have a credit card attached to your account. Though you’ll pay when ordering, McDonald’s won’t charge your card until you arrive at the restaurant. You can either grab your meal and free McDonald’s fries through curbside pickup or the drive-thru. No need to go into the restaurant and face the hungry masses!

When you do face the crowds and order in the restaurant—you know, every other day of the week—be sure to use this super secret tip to get fresh McDonald’s fries every time you order.

Can you get other fast-food freebies?

If you’re impatiently waiting for Free Fries Friday and want more freebies to take advantage of during the week, here are a few that you’re going to want to hop on:

  • Burger King also offers free fries with any purchase—and not just on Fridays. Royal Perks members who click “Offers” when ordering on the restaurant’s website or app can get one free order of fries with any purchase through the end of 2023. You can cash in once a week but only if you’re a Royal Perks member and only for pickup orders.
  • Taco Bell is giving away a free Toasted Breakfast Taco every Tuesday in October as part of its Taco Tuesday offer. No purchase is necessary for this one, though you need to be a member of the Taco Bell Rewards program. If you miss your opportunity to get a free breakfast taco, keep an eye on member offers—the chain seems to feature different free taco deals every month, so there’s likely to be another Taco Tuesday celebration in the future.
  • Domino’s Emergency Pizza deal makes it easy for customers to order a free medium-size, two-topping pizza with any online purchase. Found yourself at a party full of hungry revelers? Burned dinner and need a pie, stat? Emergency Pizza to the rescue. You can save the coupon in the Domino’s app for later use—it’s valid any day besides Halloween (Oct. 31) and New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31).
  • Dunkin’ Rewards members are used to monthly deals, and until Oct. 30, they can nab a free medium hot or iced coffee with purchase every Monday. Come November, check back with the doughnut chain—you may find another deal to keep you hopped up on sugar or caffeine.


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