25 Funny Airport Codes You’ll Think Are Made Up—But Aren’t

OMG, FUN, LOL—Who knew such fun airport codes existed!

We all know the classic airport codes: JFK, LAX, LGA. But, there are some airport codes that make your answer to the question, “Where are you flying out of?” a little more interesting.

“I’m flying out of OMG on Thursday night.” If you’re flying out of Omega Airport in Namibia, you could actually say that. Chances are you’re not, but it would be pretty cool if you were. If you’re curious, this is what those mysterious flight codes that pilots use onboard actually mean. Here are the funny code names that the American military used seriously.

But don’t feel left out if you aren’t planning to travel to Africa any time soon. There’s no shortage of absurd airport codes that you most likely haven’t heard before. Here’s a whole list of hilariously weird—and sometimes inappropriate—airport codes.

  1. BOO: This is the code for Bodo Airport in Norway. It would be fun to fly out of here on Halloween.
  2. BRR: If you’re flying into BRR you’ll land at Barra Airport in Scotland. You might even say “brr” if you step outside the airport in winter.
  3. BUM: If you’re heading into BUM, you’ll find your bum at Butler Memorial Airport in the United States.
  4. CAT: Just because the airport code at Cascais Municipal Aerodrome in Portugal is CAT, that doesn’t mean your actual at is invited on the flight.
  5. DIE: Don’t worry, when you see DIE on your ticket to Arrachart Airport in Madagascar it’s not a death threat.
    boarding pass. DOG to GRR.Getty Images, rd.com
  6. DIK: DIK is the airport code for Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport in the United States.
  7. DOG: Sadly, this does not mean there will be lots of dogs in the Dongola Airport in Sudan.
  8. EEK: This one isn’t an abbreviation because the actual name of the airport in Eek. It’s located in Alaska and only has one runway.
  9. FAB: You’ll definitely have a fabulous time flying into Farnborough Airport in England.
  10. FAT: If you’re flying into Fresno Yosemite International Airport in the United States you’ll see FAT written on your boarding pass, but don’t worry it’s not an insult.
  11. FUN: The airport code for Funafuti International Airport in Tuvalu might be FUN because of how fun it is to say.
  12. GAG: You probably don’t want to see this written on your boarding pass if you’re flying to Gage Airport in the United States.
    boarding pass. IOU to FUNGetty Images, rd.com
  13. GRR: Make sure to watch out for growling animals if you fly into Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  14. HOG: No, you’re not being called a pig, this is just the airport code for Frank Pais Airport in Cuba.
  15. IOU: The airport doesn’t owe you anything, but it might look like it if you fly into Edmond Cané Airport in Île Ouen, New Caledonia.
  16. LOL: We hope flying into Derby Field in the U.S. will bring you lots of laughs.
  17. MAD: If you got caught in a long security line at Aeropuerto Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas in Spain it might be appropriate to have the word “mad” written on your ticket.
  18. OMG: You can shout “OMG!” if you ever fly into Omega Airport in Namibia.
  19. PEE: Yes, the code for Perm International Airport in Russia is actually the word pee.
    boarding pass. YUM to PIEGetty Images, rd.com
  20. PIE: Does this mean there’s free pie at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport in the United States?
  21. POO: If there’s an airport with the code PEE, it’s only appropriate that Pocos De Caldas Airport in Brazil is POO.
  22. SUX: An unfortunate abbreviation for Sioux Gateway Airport in the United States.
  23. UMM: Make sure you clarify that you’re flying out of or into Summit Airport in the United States so that someone doesn’t think you just forgot when you say “umm.”
  24. WOW: Willow Airport in the U.S. might just blow you away.
  25. YUM: If your boarding pass is yummy, you’ll be flying into Yuma International Airport in Arizona.

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