These #BacktoSchoolComplaints Tweets from Parents and Students Will Make You LOL

“My pencil smells like number 2.”

It’s that time of year again: TV commercials advertise backpacks and tennis shoes, school supplies line the shelves of your nearest retail store, and students and parents alike are running around with fear and panic in their eyes.

Welcome to back-to-school season—and nobody is too happy about it. After all, there’s plenty to complain about when you’re stuck behind a wooden desk under fluorescent lighting for seven hours. And true to 21st-century form, people took to the Internet to voice their grievances.

For starters, you’re back on that morning grind.

Not to mention, you’re stuck in close quarters with other people all day. *shudder*

New year, new problems.


Procrastinating on procrastinating.

Wikipedia is your new BFF.

Back to school also breaks the bank.

Cue the “awww”s.

Say it isn’t so!

Too close for comfort.

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