16 Hilariously Adorable Pieces of Kids’ Drawings

From blue elephants to skeletons in space, we searched Instagram to find the cutest, cleverest, and funniest artistic creations ever dreamed up by kids.

Proud “momey”


This little boy’s gift to his mother, with drawings of all her favorite things, is absolutely precious. Add in a few adorably misspelled words, and this might be one of the cutest drawings in the hole wieyd wuld. (Don’t miss his declaration in the upper right-hand corner that his mom “loves noodulls.”) Check out some other moms’ favorite meaningful Mother’s Day gifts.

Funny bunny


Blast off

This artist’s young nephew asked her to draw “a skeleton hanging onto a rocket ship and farting, with an alien.” And she delivered! The drawing on the right is hers, and on the left is her nephew’s whimsical recreation!

Big head, little body

The deep blue sea

You can’t help but smile at this six-year-old’s painting of an underwater world, complete with colorful fish, an octopus, and a (mostly submerged) lighthouse.

Someone’s clearly a dog person


“Dog Man, the Greatest Cop Ever, vs. Petey, the Most Evilest Cat Ever”? Sounds like a budding idea for a successful kids’ book!

An essential part of every cute kid drawing: the speech bubble

Hi, right back to you! This cool dude knows his manners. Here are the essential etiquette rules you should teach your kids.

The Force is with this young artist

The artist Chas Morales’ young son created this totally recognizable crayon drawing of Star Wars droid BB-8! Fans of all ages will get a kick out of these Star Wars jokes.

A flattering portrait

This masterpiece is the work of a mom’s four-year-old daughter. Since we can figure out what the shape of your lips says about you, we can’t help but wonder what this lady’s might mean.

“The scariest monster around”

This motherhood blogger’s six-year-old son wasn’t afraid of anything this past Halloween after drawing what he calls “the scariest monster around.”

Blast from the past

This blogger claims that her three-year-old daughter has recently become “obsessed” with Pac-Man and his ghostly pursuers…although the pint-sized artist seems to have turned the tables with her drawing!

Aspiring astronomer?

While this may not be the most scientifically accurate depiction of the solar system ever created, it has to be one of the cutest! Here are some cool brain-boosting activities you can do with your kids.

Funny face

This adorable doodle is the product of artist Jon Wallace’s five-year-old daughter Liv.

Who wouldn’t want to live in a world where blue elephants have flowers growing out of their trunks?

If your kid’s artwork includes certain details, he or she might be a genius!

Make the world your canvas

This young artist decided that his superhero picture frames would make the perfect perches for a painting of his favorite feline book character. As wall drawings go, we think this one’s pretty impressive! Even his mom admitted that she “can’t be mad because it looks pretty cool.”

Unicorn friend

Six-year-old Mason decided to draw his favorite stuffed animal—and we think he did a pretty good job!

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