Nate Berkus’s Advice for Getting Cigarette Smell Out of the House After You Quit

Good for you for deciding to quit smoking: You're already on your way to better health. Clearing the smoke smell out of your house can be equally tricky as breaking the habit in the first place. Here, designer Nate Berkus share's his best tips for a fresh-smelling, smoke-free home.

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“I stopped smoking cigarettes as a part of my desire to eat better as well as be here for family,” says designer Nate Berkus. But Berkus, who used to smoke indoors, found the scent still lingered in his home, which, aside from being gross, is also associated with downstream health problems from thirdhand smoke. Here, he offers up some tips on how to get smoke smell out of the house.

  • Deep clean. Carpets and rugs are like sponges when it comes to odor. Invest in having them professionally cleaned or hit up your local Home Depot or Lowe’s to rent a carpet cleaner. The same goes for curtains and drapes.
  • Cover it up. Unfortunately there are times that the odor is so strong and embedded you may not be able to steam clean the scent away. Instead, try reupholstering your favorite chair or switch out your curtains. Not only will you lose the odor but you can update your room with these easy changes. Do you know how much nicotine is in a cigarette?
  • Grow some green. Plants are nature’s air fresheners. Add plants, including fig trees and Boston ferns, to all the rooms you smoked in to remove odors. (These are some of the best houseplants to remove odors.)
  • Change of scenery. Cigarette don’t just stink, the nicotine can stain the walls too. Give your home a fresh start, too, by putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Repainting has the added benefit of being a mental change that can help you quit. If you only ever smoked in your beige dining room, you won’t have the memory or habit of smoking in a green one.
  • Light a candle. Now that your house no longer smells like smoke, fill it with a signature scent you love. For instance, if you are obsessed with the ocean try infusing your home with the scent of suntan lotion by lighting a candle like Beach Cabana from Bath & Body Works.

How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Your Car

If you smoked in your car, you’ll need to give it a deep cleaning, too. Sprinkle baking soda all over the upholstery, let it sit, and then vacuum, recommends You should also give all hard surfaces a wipe down with a car interior-safe cleaner and change out all your air filters.

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