Gift (Wrap) Green This Holiday

“Green” is for more than just Christmas.

There’s nothing quite like tearing into a beautifully wrapped present, but let’s admit the downside: gift wrapping generates over 4 million tons of waste annually. This holiday season, I discovered Gift it Green, an adorable and eco-friendly alternative to paper wrapping.

Gift it Green is a line of reusable fabric gift boxes that come in a variety of patterns and sizes (the website has a helpful size guide so you can find the right fit for your gift). The boxes have an interior lining that offers extra protection for delicate presents (I used mine to protect a pickle jar), and close neatly with a decorative ribbon, which adds that extra something to unwrapping process.

Although I don’t think we’re quite ready for sustainable wrapping (and at $14-18, the boxes are significantly more expensive than wrapping paper), Gift It Green is well-done: The boxes are appealing and more complex to unwrap than a simple gift bag. And even if you gift only one or two presents in green wrapping, it’s a small, lighter step in the right direction. Curb your holiday spending with these effective tips. 

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