These Heartwarming Responses to Bullies Will Make You Believe in Humanity Again

Read heartwarming stories about the people who helped kids overcome their fear of bullying in the most creative ways.

From bullied to honorary biker

When a child is having a tough time at school, it can be tough for parents to know. Here’s how you can figure out if your child is being bullied. When bikers from Indiana caught wind of an 11-year-old being ridiculed by his classmates, they rode to his rescue. According to the Associated Press, Brent Warfield of KDZ Motorcycle Sales & Service organized a motorcade after a concerned mom confided in him about her son’s severe insecurity from years of verbal attacks. Touched by the story he wanted to find a way to help. “As a motorcycle community, we don’t want to see children getting bullied, because it leads to teenage suicide,” Warfield said. On the first day of sixth-grade, close to 50 bikers showed up bright and early to escort Phil Mick, to school. Hopefully, Mick’s harassers were there to witness the bravery as he arrived with his new band of brothers.

Celebrity birthday wishes go viral

Social media can be treacherous for kids—here’s what all parents should teach their kids about social media. But the online world can also help: Famous stars put one boy’s bullies on blast by tweeting birthday wishes to their victim and helping to rebuild his self-esteem. The reports that father Chris Hope-Smith launched an appeal for messages when he noticed his son, Oliver, didn’t want to celebrate his ninth birthday. He wrote: …”Just would love someone to tell him he does mean something and bullying is not ok, ever.” The message has been retweeted over 8,000 times catching Hollywood and Parliament’s attention. Actor Russell Crowe gave the birthday boy a cool shoutout, David Lammy MP invited him for a tour of Parliament and other public figures encouraged Oliver to “aim high” and stay brave.

First responders respond

Sometimes the kindness of strangers can be overwhelming—just check out these 24 examples. And this police station’s touching response to an emergency call will make you smile: Braden Garnett was turning age 11 and his mom didn’t want to repeat his sad birthday scene from years’ past: “There have been many parties when only two kids showed up,” Carrie Garnett, from Pekin, Illinois, told “Other years, no one.” Determined to protect her son from further humiliation—he also gets bullied for his Asperger’s syndrome—she asked her local police department for help. Garnett requested a surprise visit from an officer at her son’s paintball party. However, even she was shocked when she saw the guest list. More than a dozen police officers, firefighters, the police chief and even Pekin Mayor John McCabe RSVP’d “yes” to celebrate Braden’s birthday bash.

Friends trump royalty

Three girls from Grand Prairie Texas made television history when two of them stuck up for the third one. A group of mean girls told Lillian Skinner she had been nominated for homecoming queen when she hadn’t. Lillian’s friends, Anahi Alvarez and Naomi Martinez—both homecoming queen nominees—found out that Lillian had been the subject of a school prank. So they made a pact to make Lillian’s dream come true: They vowed that if either one of them won, they would pass the crown to Lillian. Anahi was named queen, and she presented Lillian with the crown on the spot. The incredible act of kindness was caught on camera, and landed all three besties as guests on the Ellen DeGeneres show. See who’s laughing now.

Boys to men

Fifth-grader James Willmert, an orphaned boy from Colombia with special needs, was getting taken advantage of during recess on a regular basis. It had gotten bad enough that he wouldn’t go out to the playground. That’s when five of his schoolmates—all boys—decided enough was enough. They accepted James into their inner circle, helped him adjust to his new culture, and even tied his laces when his shoes became untied. The Today Show reported that the Mankato Area Public Schools honored the five boys from Franklin Elementary in Mankato, Minnesota with its Spirit of Youth Award after their teacher nominated them for their compassion. The young boys were praised for their mature approach to helping out James: They decided to protect him by simply being his true friends.


We’ve all been a victim of fashion faux pas, but when this little boy in Oklahoma City saw his classmate get picked on for his worn-out shoes, he rushed to his defense. Grab a tissue and watch this Facebook video that shows an emotional gift-giving: The boy brought his bullied classmate a brand new pair of LeBron sneakers. There won’t be any dry eyes after seeing their heartwarming embrace. Swish!

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