Common Home Improvement Fails and How Much They Cost

You might want to re-think these projects.

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As a DIYer, you’re motivated by the thrill of a job well done, the pride in knowing you did it yourself and the ultimate reward…the money you saved. A successful DIY home improvement project upgrades your home and saves you money. These projects come in all shapes and sizes.

Porch, an online network that connects people with home improvement professionals, talked to homeowners who had completed a DIY home improvement project, and it turns out, the average cost of a home improvement fail came out to around $310.

Here’s a look at some common home improvement fails, according to the study.

Wood flooring

Porch found that the cost of messing up a flooring installation can cost about $829 extra. “Jobs like flooring have a high material cost, so errors add up very quickly,” said Amanda Woolley, Porch’s spokesperson.

Exterior painting

Fixing a sub-par DIY exterior paint job can add about $477 to the total cost of the project, according to Porch. Not only will it cost you more to fix the flubbed paint job, but fixing it takes time, which also adds stress. Painting your ceiling is less daunting and is one of the 22 repairs you may not know you can do yourself.

Other costly blunders

Porch’s study found that replacing an electrical outlet wrong can cost you about $445 extra, installing a ceiling fan incorrectly comes in at about $306, and it will cost you about $225 to fix a DIY electrical wiring or rewiring job gone wrong.

Woolley noted that DIY home improvement fails cannot only impact your wallet, but they can also take a toll on you emotionally. Porch found more than 45 percent of DIYers surveyed who made mistakes during their project fought with their partner, compared with just over 21 percent of people who did the project correctly the first time.

“These projects can definitely test relationships—whether they are worried about their partner’s safety or arguing about the materials,” Woolley said. “People need to be honest about their skill set and do a very close audit of their time versus money tolerance.” You might want to invest in one of the 31 home improvement projects that will double the value of your home.

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