Photographer Captures the Most Breathtaking Hot Air Balloon Shots You’ll Ever See

You'll want to book a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey, stat.

If you’ve ever had a random hot air balloon sighting, you know how exciting it is to see those vibrant colors come into view.

Hot air balloon rides are a major tourist attraction in Cappadocia, a region in Turkey, and photographer Kristina Makeeva wasn’t about to miss out on a colorful photo op. She boarded up and looked from below to snap some stunning shots of the balloons mid-flight against various landscapes.

The resulting pictures were nothing short of jaw-dropping. Flocks of bright hot air balloons look like something straight out of a story book as they float above the snow-covered “fairy chimney” rock formations and underground homes.

Admire some of our favorites below, then visit @hobopeeba on Instagram to admire Makeeva’s other shots.

01-Photographer-Captures-the-Most-Breathtaking-Air-Balloon-Shots-You'll-Ever-SeeKristina Makeeva,

02-Photographer-Captures-the-Most-Breathtaking-Air-Balloon-Shots-You'll-Ever-SeeKristina Makeeva,'ll-Ever-SeeKristina Makeeva,

04-Photographer-Captures-the-Most-Breathtaking-Air-Balloon-Shots-You'll-Ever-SeeKristina Makeeva,'ll-Ever-SeeKristina Makeeva,

06-Photographer-Captures-the-Most-Breathtaking-Air-Balloon-Shots-You'll-Ever-SeeKristina Makeeva,

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