This Is How Much Target Managers Really Get Paid

It takes a lot of work to manage a Target!

It takes someone special to keep a place like Target running smoothly. The managers for the superstore not only know the secret markdown schedule but also the things you should always buy from Target, too. The company values their employees, especially their managers, and they pay them for their hard work.

According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for Target general managers is $111,987. The salary can range anywhere from $76,000 to $139,000. LinkedIn estimates the average base salary is closer to $90,000. There’s also a possibility of increasing these numbers with stock or cash bonuses. And this is how much Target shift workers make in comparison.

We reached out to Target directly; while they declined to confirm salary pay ranges for their employees, they did confirm that the company offers excellent benefits such as an employee discount, flexible paid time off, a 401K plan, and paid family leave. Target is recognized as a great place to work with high rankings on the Top 50 Companies for Diversity and the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, too.

How Target employees choose to spend their hard-earned cash is up to them, but the store has some hidden money-saving secrets that even their employees might not be able to resist.

Emily DiNuzzo
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