How to Recycle Your Favorite Plants

Give your dead plants new life.

Before undertaking major landscape work, identify the plants already in your garden that you like and that can be reused in the new garden. It’ll save you having to go out and buy more plants than you need.

Dig up and store those plants that are in the way of new work.

If possible, move established plants in winter when most plants are dormant or have slowed their growth.

Plants higher than 6.5 feet (2 m) may need special equipment to be moved safely. Save time by checking this beforehand.

Hold transplanted trees in large pots in potting mix or keep their roots wrapped in hessian. Water the root ball regularly, particularly in hot or windy weather, as the roots will dry out faster.

Reduce the stress on plants caused by moving by spraying them with an anti-transpirant product (available from most garden centers). This reduces water loss through the leaves.

Replant as soon as possible when your new garden is ready.

Follow these steps and you will be able to save yourself both money and the time it would have taken to go to a garden center and buy new plants. Recycling is also a good method of growth, because it allows you to pick out your favorite plants from what is already growing in your garden.

These are the most recyclable materials on the planet.

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