How to See Who Follows You on Facebook

If you frequently worry about your Facebook privacy, you might wonder exactly who can see your profile. Here's how to see who follows you on Facebook from both web and mobile.

Who can follow me on Facebook?

With recent whistleblower reports claiming that Facebook is prioritizing growth over privacy, it’s more important than ever to know exactly who is able to see your personal information. To find out who can follow you on Facebook, first check your privacy settings. If you have enabled the feature where users who aren’t your friends can follow you, this means that anyone in the world can see your public posts. In addition to that, anyone can have your public posts sent to their newsfeeds without being your Facebook friend. This “follow” feature is useful for business owners and public figures, but you might not want the feature enabled on your personal account that you prefer to share only with friends and family. Unfortunately, there’s no way to see who’s actually viewed your Facebook profile.

How to see who follows you on Facebook

followers Facebook/Courtesy Dani WalpoleIf a Facebook user starts following your public posts, you will receive a notification. You can view a complete list of users that follow you by clicking into your “Friends” list under the cover photo of your Facebook profile page, then looking to the right of the screen. If you don’t have a visible tab that says “Followers,” this means you do not have any (non-friend) followers on Facebook. If you do have a “Followers” tab, then the full list of your followers will be available to you. If someone has blocked you on Facebook, there’s a way to find that out too.

How to see who follows you on Facebook mobile app

If you don’t have access to a computer, it’s still possible to see who follows you on Facebook while using your phone. On the app, click onto your profile tab, then click the “See More About Yourself” button located under your About section. If you scroll down to the bottom of this new page, past your educational history, interests, and birthday, a list of your followers will be visible at the bottom. You can click “See All” in order to view the complete list of your followers.

How to see who you follow on Facebook

To find out who you follow on Facebook, follow the same steps as described above. But this time, keep your eye out for a widget that says “Following,” rather than “Followers.” If you notice that you have followed someone by accident, you can go to their profile and unfollow them using the next steps. Next, check out these brilliant tech tips that’ll let you get the most out of your smartphone.

How can you unfollow someone on Facebook?

On Facebook, any “friend” you have is also a follower, unless they have chosen to unfollow or “hide” you on the platform. Luckily, anyone can use this unfollow tool. If you want to hide someone’s posts from your timeline, you can do so by going to the other user’s profile and clicking on the “Following” icon on their cover photo. This will open a drop-down menu where you can unfollow the user while maintaining your Facebook friendship. Find out when you should actually unfriend someone on Facebook and when you should just unfollow.

How to allow followers on Facebook

To allow Facebook users to follow your public posts, go into your settings by navigating to the arrow icon in the top right corner and opening the drop-down menu. Click into your general settings, then find the “Public Posts” option in the left tab. Click into this view, and then select “Public,” in the “Who Can Follow Me” section. With this setting changed, any user with a Facebook account can follow you. Your public posts will be delivered to their timelines without the need for you to confirm a friend request. But even if you don’t allow everyone to see your posts, you should watch out for the signs you’re sharing way too much on Facebook.

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