How to Perfectly Write a Thank You Note for a Job Interview

A memorable thank-you note can prevent you from being overlooked and help you land the job.


Interviewers are often inundated with faces and information, so standing out as a qualified and thoughtful candidate can make all the difference when it comes to getting the job. Writing a meaningful thank-you note after an interview can help you make an impression and show your commitment to the position. Here’s how to write the ideal follow up letter:

1. Choose your method. Whether you send a handwritten thank-you or an email depends largely on the company culture. A more traditional company, such as a law firm, may appreciate a handwritten note. However, a fast-paced tech company may be more impressed by the efficiency of an email. Plus, if you send an email you can ensure that the interviewer received your message. Either way keep it concise; two to three brief paragraphs is sufficient.

2. Start simply: Thank them for meeting with you. Remember to be specific about why they met with you; they may be interviewing candidates for multiple positions at the same time. (“Thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday about the staff writer position at Daily News.”)

3. Reiterate your qualifications you mentioned in the interview. (“After our conversation, I am confident my research and writing skills make me a great fit for this position.”) If applicable, you can add that you demonstrated these qualifications in previous jobs. (“It was helpful to understand how your staff writer duties are similar to the tasks I fulfilled during my time at News Magazine.”)

4. Mention a moment in the interview in which you and the interviewer connected. Or note something the interviewer said that piqued your interest. (“I enjoyed hearing about the team-oriented culture of the office, and what you told me about Daily News’ commitment to keeping the public informed really resonated with me.”)

5. Repeat your thanks and interest in the opportunity. (“Again, I appreciate the opportunity to interview with Daily News, and I remain extremely interested in the position.”)

6. Ask if there is any additional material the company needs, and invite the interviewer to contact you again. (“If you need any other information at this time, please don’t hesitate to contact me.”)

7. Close the thank-you letter by looking toward the future. (“I look forward to hearing from you soon.”)

8. Proof it! Make sure the letter is free of any grammar or spelling mistakes, as typos can ruin a good impression. Re-read to ensure that the tone is professional and fits in with the office culture.

9. Don’t procrastinate. Send the letter no later than one business day after the interview. If you’re sending a handwritten note, send it immediately so the interviewer receives it as promptly as possible. If you met with multiple people, make sure each interviewer receives a personalized thank-you note for their time.

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