What Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s Handwriting Reveals About Their Personalities

It's a big difference!

Royal-familyTim Rooke/REX/ShutterstockMeghan Markle and Kate Middleton may share a mutual attraction to British princes, but their similarities pretty much stop there. In fact, experts believe these two royal women have very different personalities, as you can see in the subtle difference between all of their photos.

According to handwriting expert Jamie Mason Cohen, Meghan and Kate do not express emotions in the same way, either.

First of all, Kate’s writing slants slightly to the right, indicating she has strong control over her emotions. Her temperament is also illustrated by the height of her lowercase ‘d’ stems—which are about three times higher than the rest of her letters—as well as the way she crosses her lowercase t’s.

All of these writing quirks signal that Kate “chooses her battles carefully,” preferring to evaluate a situation before giving the “appropriate response.” Her emotional restraint is “a sign of pride or caring deeply how she represents herself, her family’s reputation and her role in the Crown,” Cohen told The Express.

Meanwhile, Meghan has more of a “strong energy,” according to Cohen. The heavy pressure of her handwriting, as well as the way she only crosses her lowercase t’s on the right side, indicate that she tends to be guided by her emotions. Given the large flourishes in her signature, Meghan probably enjoys being the center of attention, too.

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[Source: The Express]

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