This Genius Hack Guarantees Your Phone Charger Will Never Break

Keep your cord from breaking!

charging cordThe Family HandymanIt’s a struggle that has raged on since the invention of the cell phone. Phone chargers fray and break far more frequently than the devices they power. This could be because they’re smaller than, say, laptop chargers, and they get moved around more while they’re being used. The more they bend, the sooner they’re going to snap.

To make your otherwise fragile phone charger last for more than a couple of weeks, try out this simple hack!

What you need:

  • A broken phone charger
  • A pen
  • Pliers
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • A lighter

charging cord flameThe Family HandymanStart by removing the spring from a pen. Next, stretch one end of the spring out a bit so it can fit around the charger cable. You might need to use a pliers for this. Now, wind the spring around the cable until it is completely on the charger cable. Next, take appropriately sized heat shrink tubing and slip it over the phone charger and spring. Use a lighter to warm the heat shrink tubing until it conforms around the charger and spring. This simple hack will will keep the cord from breaking any further or from even breaking in the first place. To make sure you’re charging your phone the right way, check out these 11 phone battery myths you need to stop believing.

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