People Are Obsessed with Leather Honey—Here’s What it Cleans

It makes even old leather look (and feel) new again.

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If you’re wondering how to clean your couch’s worn-in leather or how to make your best winter boots last for years to come, the answer may be just a click away. That’s because there’s an inexpensive product that thousands of reviewers have become obsessed with. Amazon’s bestselling Leather Honey, an easy-to-use leather conditioner, has more than 35,000 users calling it “magic” for all sorts of leather goods. At such a modest price point, we’re betting you’ll find endless uses for it too.

What is Leather Honey?

This non-toxic leather cleaner and conditioner was first formulated in 1968, and it has been made in the USA ever since. Over 50 years later, Leather Honey is now one of the most popular products people use to clean leather of all types and sizes—especially since a little goes a long way. A single eight-ounce bottle is enough to clean a large leather sofa, a whole car interior, and dozens of shoes several times over.

Users say using a dab or two on their favorite leather goods restores even old, worn-in pieces to new-feeling glory. It’s their new go-to preparation method to store suedes and leather goods. Its non-sticky, non-greasy formula even protects leather all year long from snow and rain thanks to the brand’s water-repellent recipe.

How to use Leather Honey

One little bottle of Leather Honey can do everything from car interior cleaning (if the seats are made of leather, of course) to cleaning shoes, favorite recliner chairs, jackets, and more. The brand’s viscous formula actually penetrates the leather’s surface to hydrate each individual fiber. That means each application lasts six or more months, and your leather lasts for years without worry.

Applying it couldn’t be easier. Just put a quarter-size drop of Leather Honey Conditioner on a lint-free applicator cloth, spot test in a discreet area, and allow your test area to dry. Then completely coat your leather in a thin, even layer of conditioner. It’s best used at room temperature or slightly warm so it’s easier to spread.

The best Amazon reviews

“I did a lot of research to find a non-chemical leather conditioner for my couch,” shares verified Amazon purchaser, ASD1. “I wrote to a couple of companies asking if their product contained any coconut or nut oil. I got a response from Leather Honey the next day! No, they do not use any of those ingredients (no other company responded at all). The girl who replied was very friendly and responsive. I found out that this is a family business and her grandfather created the product. So I’m sure you can ask if the product contains an ingredient you want to avoid. I’ve used it on my leather couches and it works AMAZINGLY well! I am SOOOO pleased! I’m super sensitive to chemicals and oils, and I’ve taken naps on my couch already with zero reactions.”

Carol, another verified Amazon purchaser, gives Leather Honey a five-star review. “It is by far the most effective leather restorer I have ever tried,” she says. “It added a nice, supple glow to my leather furniture. You don’t need much at all. I used about a third of the bottle to treat a dried-out sofa, two love seats, a large chair, and an ottoman—and I think I used too much. The last sofa I treated by wiping it with the cloth with the residue from other furniture I treated. The instructions say to allow at least two hours to dry. I would allow more time, if possible. I let the sofas sit for two days, and there was still some residue to wipe down. Because Leather Honey is so thick, it is not as easy to use as something you just spray on and wipe off. But it works so much better. If you want a treatment that makes a difference in bringing tired leather back to life, this is exactly what you need.”

Where to buy Leather Honey

Leather Honey Leather Conditionervia

A full-size, eight-ounce bottle of Leather Honey sells for about $28 on Amazon. Even if you use it frequently on all your favorite leather goods to keep them in mint condition, it should last you at least a year or two—and that makes it an excellent value. You can also buy it from Walmart with quick shipping options, or directly from Leather Honey’s website.

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