I Was Bummed When I Didn’t Get the Job—but I Never Would Have Met My Husband If I Had

How one woman's poor typing skills led to her finding the love of her life.

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Thank goodness I can’t type well!

I had applied for a job at the university when I was a freshman, and one of the requirements was having good typing skills. I didn’t get hired, and I was pretty bummed out about it.

But the next day, I found out about a job opening at the local library. I applied and was hired the same day.

It was there that I met Richard. We worked together in the same department for several years, but never really got to know each other well. Our schedules were different so we didn’t talk much. It was not what you would call “love at first sight.” It took several years for us to actually get to know each other and realize that we had quite a bit in common.

Over several months in the fall of 1987, we became friends, and then on Valentine’s Day of 1988, we became a couple. This year on February 14, we will celebrate 30 years together! (These are the best Valentine’s Day gifts for every stage of your relationship.)

During our journey together we have experienced the birth of our two children, supported each other through tough times, and shared the joys that life has brought us. Richard is my best friend and still makes me laugh until my stomach hurts and I have tears rolling down my face.

I often tell him that I am so glad I can’t type, because if I did, I would never have met him. Little things can make a big difference.

Aimee Ashby is a Reader’s Digest reader from McAllen, Texas. She is also a member of the Reader’s Digest contributor network.

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