If You Paid Tolls in This State, You Could Be Owed Money

Here's a super *E-Z* way to potentially get some money back.

tollsvincent noel/ShutterstockRoad trips, and even non-recreational long drives, can be lots of fun. You get to look around at all the scenery, blast your favorite tunes, and… slow down every now and then to pay highway tolls.

OK, that last part is not so much fun. But, if you’ve paid tolls in a certain New England state, you might just be able to get some money back in your pocket. In Massachusetts, the Department of Transportation has begun refunding both in-state and out-of-state drivers. You could be one of those lucky drivers, if you used an E-ZPass and still have money in that account.

According to NBC Connecticut, the money in these former E-ZPass accounts is considered “unclaimed property.” If you think some of it could be yours, it’s waiting to be claimed!

Head to the Unclaimed Property page of the Massachusetts Treasury Department site (“findmassmoney.com”). Here, you can search for your name and see if any of this unclaimed dough belongs to you. However, the site only shows amounts of money five dollars or greater. If you had an E-ZPass and think your account contains less than five dollars (but more than zero), you can still get that money back. Just call the customer service line at (617) 367-0400. Happy claiming!

Meghan Jones
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