McDonald’s First-Ever Vegan Burger Is Now a Permanent Menu Item

Vegans, rejoice! A meat-free burger is getting a permanent home at McDonald's. Here's where you can get it.


A few months ago, McDonald’s launched its first-ever vegan burger, the McVegan—and fans devoured it (pun intended). Unfortunately for U.S.-based herbivores, though, it was only available at one restaurant in Tampere, Finland. But now, there’s some good news for all you international veggie lovers: The McVegan will become a permanent menu item at all McDonald’s locations in Finland and Sweden, the worldwide chain recently announced.

The brave pioneers who taste-tested the meatless burger gave it plenty of positive reviews, as it turns out. “The test in Finland blew all the expectations out of the water,” Staffan Ekstam, Head of Food Strategy at McDonald’s in Sweden, told Business Insider.

After tasting panels tried over 100 different recipes, they eventually settled on a soy-based patty with plenty of vegan toppings. Anamma, food company from southern Sweden, developed the patty specifically for McDonald’s, Business Insider reports.

But if you’re nowhere near those Nordic countries, there’s no need to worry. A vegan burger isn’t the only veggie-friendly home run on the McDonald’s menu. Between the secret ingredient that makes their French fries so addictive and those mouthwatering apple pies, there’s no shortage of options for American herbivores.

The bottom line: Mickey D’s might be your next destination for a delicious (meatless!) snack. You can always grab a giant soda, at the very least. After all, this is why Coke tastes better at McDonald’s than anywhere else.

[Source: Business Insider]

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